Sunday, June 21, 2009

Five Players I Think Will Be Busts In The NBA

Its NBA Draft week and the players I loved to watch in college will go to the dark side and get paid to play the game most of played since they were in elementary school. With every draft you see players taken in the first round just flat out stink in their sports. Here are some first round locks who will fall flat in the NBA.

1) Jrue Holiday-Seriously I don't understand why he left college. This kid has so much promise when he came to UCLA. The hype led to a season where he didn't average double digits yet ESPN says he is "the most complete freshman" in the draft and has been rumored to go as high as #4 to the Kings. The most points he scored in a game was 20....against Florida Atlantic. The kid better be taking classes during the summer because I honestly think he will do about what he did in college in the NBA. Be an ok player who will do good things on the defensive side of the ball but not one that is going to score in the double digits consistently and won't be a leader on the floor. I don't care that Holiday wasn't a real fit to UCLA's system. Players should be able to adjust to the offense they play for and Holiday didn't do that at all. Holidays stats-8.5 ppp 3.8 rpg 3.7 apg

2) Brandon Jennings- The player "too good for college" is gonna wish he went and played at Arizona. Jennings averaged 7.6 points in the Euroleague and the weaknesses he has including not being good in a half court game and fading away when he shoots could mean he could be a scoring bust for anyone who takes him. As for defense he is average, he is good at keeping shooters in front of him but they still can shoot over him and blow past him into the lane It will take him a few years before he maybe considered a regular starter in the NBA and won't be playing 40+ minutes much. Jennings stats-7.6 ppg 1.6 rpg 1.6 apg

3) James Johnson-The big man from Wake has some upside to him, but inconsistency will kill him in the NBA. There were stretches where you wondered if Johnson was day dreaming on the court. Needs to work on not taking bad shots, especially early in the shot clock and needs to drive to the basket instead of taking the outside shot. He can be a force inside he is a big boy that won't be pushed around to much and is a pretty good rebounder. Time will tell though if he can play inside for 82 games against the best players. My guess is he can't. Johnson stats-15 ppg 8.5 rpg

4) Jodie Meeks-All I have to ask is why. Why didn't you go back and play for a coach that has NBA coaching experience? Why didn't you go back to a program that with Meeks would have been favored to win the SEC title and could play for a national championship. He is a Ben Gordon prototype however I really don't think he will be a first round pick. If you leave early from college you go because you are going to be a first round pick and get paid millions. Meeks won't do that. He needs to work on his ball handling skills and was too soft on defense at Kentucky. Yes he can put up big numbers scoring (54 at Tennessee last year) but I think he would benefit more if he went and played one more year at Kentucky. Meeks stats-23.7 ppg 3.4 rpg 1.8 apg

5) Austin Daye-Can you say stick man? He needs to beef up or he is going to get pushed around like a pinball. He settles to much on the outside shot and needs to learn to drive the ball a little bit more to the basket if he is going to make it in the NBA. Like Johnson he needs to work on consistency shooting the basketball. Could very well fall out of the first round like Meeks.- Dayes stats-12.7 ppg 6.8 rpg

The NBA Draft can be seen June 25th at 7pm EST. Join me and wave good bye to the stars of the college seen and see them enter the dark side.

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