Thursday, June 18, 2009

Doing The Crime Without Paying The Time

The news of Donte Stallworth being suspended from the NFL got me thinking today. If you haven't been following this closely Donte Stallworth has been in trouble for manslaughter after killing a man with his car while he was under the influence of alcohol. Stallworth if convicted could of seen 15 years in prison. He ended up getting 30 days in jail. How is it that the NFL dishes out a tougher penalty than the feds? I have to commend Roger Goodell for suspending Stallworth because do you honestly believe he will have learned his lesson after 30 days in jail? I mean Michael Vick served a longer term for killing dogs then Stallworth is going to for killing another human being. There is something really wrong about that. Unfortunately this has happened before in all major sports. Kobe Bryant just had to hand over what in his world is considered pocket change when he was in court for sexually assaulting another woman at a hotel he was staying at. We all know Adam "Pac man" Jones seems to have a problem with staying out of fights at night clubs yet he had how many second chances before finally enough is enough? But back to Stallworth, if it was you are me we would totally be in the slammer for at least a decade with probation after we got out. When Stallworth gets out he has only two years probation. Unfortunately society somehow has made these athletes play on a social playing field that is well above normal peoples level. Just cause they are in the spotlight means they get treated differently. Thanks to Roger Goodell Stallworth won't get off as easy as some of his sports colleagues in the past have. Its about time someone did something about this.

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