Thursday, July 24, 2008

WNBA Fight Not A Big Deal

Ok so I am not gonna lie to you guys. I didn't watch the game nor did I have any interest to. That is how it is for many sports fans when you are talking about women's basketball. But as pity and childish as the fight that went on Tuesday night might have actually put this sport on the map. Look I have heard this fight being called everything from a brawl to a throwdown and so many other things to make me think this fight was an epic 9 round boxing match. But if you honestly look at the highlights, to me anyway, it looks like any other high school cat fight that goes on in the halls during passing periods. Honestly if we weren't in the middle of baseball season that fight wouldn't of been a top story on Sportscenter. Ok that maybe a little bit harsh but seriously this fight is being blown way out of proportions.

Don't Compare To 2004 Brawl

Another thing that is making me mad about this issue is that most analysts are comparing it to the fight that happened in the same arena four years ago. If you don't remember the Pacers/Pistons got into a huge scuffle in November which ended in Stephen Jackson punching Piston fans. What happened on Tuesday wasn't what happened four years ago. Its not like the Spark players were going into the stands and beating the crap out of the Shock fans. This fight doesn't even deserve to be said in the same breath as the brawl of 2004. All this fight did was make this rivalry between these two teams interesting. The fight of 2004 made David Stern change his entire thought process about the game. Yes there maybe a little bit tighter security but not as much as after the brawl.

College Basketball Minute
News about my Missouri Tigers in this edition of college basketball minute. Former Missouri basketball coach Norm Stewart is recovering from open-heart surgery.University officials said the 73-year-old Stewart had an aortic valve replacement on Friday. He is recuperating at Boone Hospital Center and is expected to be released later this week.Stewart spent 32 years as coach at Missouri, his alma mater. He earned 731 career wins in his 38-year coaching career and is a member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. I wish you a very speedy recovery Norm.
Anyway this weeks team rounds out the top five in my preseason top 25 poll and for the second straight time the team hails from the Big East conference. The UConn Huskies have the best team they have had since being stunned by George Mason in the Elite Eight of the 2006 NCAA tournament. Hasheem Thabeet the 7'3 center said no to the NBA draft and has everyone talking about the Huskies. If A.J Price can come back from his ACL injury and be as productive as he was UConn has a good shot at cutting down the nets in April of 2009.

Gonners View Top 25
1) North Carolina
2) Pittsburgh Panthers
3) UCLA Bruins
4) Louisville Cardinals
5) Connecticut Huskies


Sportsattitude said...

Absolutely, the skirmish at the Palace provided the WNBA with some credibility and coverage they wouldn't otherwise have had. Sports fans already know women want to win as much as men but the 24/7 coverage of not just the event itself but the "death watch" wait for punishment to be handed down put the league on the front page for a change. Also saw that Norm Stewart had his operation and certainly wish him well. The Tigers' sideline hasn't been the same since he departed.

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