Monday, July 21, 2008

Is College Footbal Here Yet?

Psh I wish. I am sorry for die hard baseball fans but after the trade deadline I really start loosing interest in baseball until it gets to be the playoffs. So I am gonna talk about a sport I am seriously excited for every single fall. One reason I am excited is because my two teams (Missouri Tigers and Northwest Missouri State Bearcats (Division II)) should be very competitive this season. Yes I am very sad for my Bearcats cause they lost Xavier Omon and will be down compared to years past, but I do expect them to stay competitive. As for Missouri Chase Daniel is the man plain and simple. Missouri should be in the National Championship hunt the entire season if they don't let the hype get to their head. Here is a look at my preseason top 10 for college football season.

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1) Georgia Bulldogs-Offense has fire power with Stafford and Moerno (both should be Heisman Canidates) however off season problems have plagued the Bulldogs this season as Possible starting defensive end Jeremy Lomax and offensive lineman Clint Boling have pending legal problems; Lomax was arrested on concealed weapons charges and Boling was charged with DUI. This team has a hard toad to the National Championship but in my opinion has the best team in the nation to start the season.

2) Oklahoma Sooners-Sam Bradford is one of my early picks to win the Heisman. If he can be more consistent especially away from Norman the Sooners will roll over everyone in the Big 12 and be playing in the National Championship

3) Florida Gators- They have Tim Tebow and a slew of offensive weapons. I am interested to see how Emmanuel Moody comes in as the Gators relied more on Tebow for their running attack. Don't expect Tebow to get over 20 rushing TD's this season but Florida will be in the mix for the National Championship. Write this date down November 1st. Thats when they play Georgia.

4) Ohio State Buckeyes- They still have a great running attack in Chris "Beanie" Wells and Todd Boeckman back as quarterback. And they still have James Laurinaitis on defense (seems like he has been in college for over five years now). Should be heavily favored to win the Big 10 this year.

5) West Virginia Mountaineers- They still have Pat White at quarterback and after seeing how they torched Oklahoma in the Feista Bowl they make me believe they can play for a national championship. As we have seen in years past expect a let down to a less than par football team. My guess it will happen November 22nd at Louisville.

6) USC Trojans- Mark Sanchez finally gets his chance to take the reigns for the Trojans and with the great recruiting class they get year in and year out at Southern Cal you always have to expect them to compete.

7) Missouri Tigers-Yes I may be tooting my teams horn a little bit too much but I really believe the Tigers can do some special things this year. They return 1o defensive starters which vastly improved throughout the season and with Chase Daniel at the helm the Tigers should be in every game this season and should win the Big 12 North for the second consecutive year.

8) Clemson Tigers-Is this the Tigers year to shine in the ACC? Cullen Harper is a senior and is trying to be better than his 27 touchdown and 6 interception season last season. This is another team with major off season problems as they will be without starting middle linebacker Cortney Vincent, who was dismissed from the team in May. Vincent started 12 of 13 games and had 68 tackles and seven tackles for loss.
9) Texas Tech Red Raiders-The Red Raiders have one of the best offenses in all of college football. Michael Crabtree will have one hell of a season and with Graham Harrell at the helm he should have a 15+ touchdown reception season. The real question is will the defense be able to stop anyone on defense?

10) LSU Tigers-The national champs will be down a little bit with a lot of loss on not only the offense and defensive side of the ball but also in personnel. Still they have enough talent on both sides of the ball to compete. The big question will be at the quarterback position since Ryan Perrilloux was dismissed.
Others to consider: Auburn Tigers, Texas Longhorns, Arizona State Sun Devils, Wisconsin Badgers.

College Basketball Minute
Well Texas apparently loved Kevin Durrant's time at the school so much they don't want anyone to wear his jersey ever again. He is one of nine longhorn athletes to have his number retired which also includes former quarterback Vince Young. Now I have a problem with this. Honestly yes Durrant is one hell of a player but does he really deserve to have his number retired? He was their one year. His team did better in the NCAA tournament without him this year than they did the year he was on the team. Unfortunately I see this happening more and more around basketball. I wouldn't be surprised to see K-State retire Michael Beasley's number or USC retire O.J Mayo's number. Anyway on to my new team in the top 25 this week is Louisville. Yes they lose David Padgette but they still have Edgar Sosa, Earl Clark and Terrence Williams. The ACC might have the best team but the best conference race this year will be in the Big East.

Gonners View Top 25
1) North Carolina
2) Pittsburgh Panthers
3) UCLA Bruins
4) Louisville Cardinals


Sportsattitude said...

So hard to predict a SEC team to be in the BCS title game because they spend the year beating the heck out of each other and a couple of losses can often seal their best team's fate to a lesser BCS bowl. That being said, Georgia should be awesome. Don't feel like a homer promoting the Mizzou Tigers. They've got something special in Daniel and I do believe they are the real deal.

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