Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rose The Right Fit For Chicago

A Note to my readers,
I am sorry for the long absence. It has been a very crazy summer for me and I hope to get back in the groove and am excited to bring my view of sports back to you.
Nate Gonner

When the NBA Draft lottery was set a month ago I was dead set that the Chicago Bulls would take Michael Beasley from Kansas State. Personally I thought the Bulls needed so desperate help on the interior both rebounding and scoring. What better way to fix that then to bring in a guy who was third in the nation in scoring and first in the nation in rebounding. However Derrick Roses maturity and leadership skills are something the Bulls need far superior than Beasley's numbers. In one season at Memphis, Rose won 38 games and was two minutes away from winning a national championship with the Tigers. His play against the top guards in college basketball (i.e. D.J Augustin, Darren Collison, Drew Nietzel) in the NCAA tournament propelled him from a Top 10 prospect to the number one pick overall. His ball handling skills and quickness are already better than any of the guards on the Chicago Bulls right now (a backcourt which consists of Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, and Larry Hughes). Beasley has skills to make him a All-Star in this league, but with Rose's leadership and not to mention his ties with Chicago (he hails for the windy city) it was a no brainier for the Bulls.

Who's on their way out of Chicago?
Now with Rose on board Chicago has a ton of guards and not a lot of big guys down low. Now they have trade bait that could land them a very good veteran post player. Personally I think if you can the Bulls should keep Ben Gordon who has averaged 18 points his career compared to Kirk Hinrich and Larry Hughes who both have averaged 14 points per game for their entire career. Not to mention Gordon is much cheaper at four million dollar contract in 2008 compared to Hinrich's 11 million and Hughes 12 million. I would expect the Bulls to move one or both Hinrich and Hughes in order to open up some cap room for free agency this year and for years to come (Remember Lebron James contract in Cleveland ends in 2010). If Bulls fans are patient, Rose can bring another championship back to the windy city.

College Basketball Minute
If you are regular reader of my blog you know how much I love college basketball and so I have decided to incorporate College basketball into everyone one of my posts. Now that the NBA Draft is over its time to look at the Top 25 teams starting the season in 2008. Starting with the team at the top. They brought back more talent from last years team than any other team in college basketball, including the player of the year Tyler Hansbrough. The depth and experience the North Carolina Tar Heels are second to no one in the ACC Conference and in College Basketball.

Gonners View 2008-2009 Preseason Poll
1) North Carolina Tar Heels


Sportsattitude said...

Welcome back, Nate. Ben Gordon turned down a huge contract extension last season and Kirk Hinrich is already signed. I wonder if perhaps Gordon becomes the bait in getting the post player Beasley would have been. The Bulls absolutely had no choice but to select the hometown Rose, but they now have an obligation to move a backcourt player to get frontcourt help. Will be very interesting to see what Chicago does next.

Sports Dawg said...

Glad to see you're back!