Monday, March 24, 2008

My Thoughts On Round 2

We are now down to the final 16 teams of the NCAA tournament and wow what a tournament has it been so far. We have seen it all; Upsets, overtime thrillers, blowouts, and nail bitters. This is what caught my eye in the second round.

  • #2 seeds had a whole bunch of problems with Duke and Georgetown bowing out of the tournament, Texas hanging on to a 3 point win after leading by 17, and Tennessee having to go an extra five minutes to defeat the scrappy Bulldogs of Butler.
  • Davidson finally beats one of the top tier teams beating Georgetown 74-70. Davidson had close losses to UCLA, Duke, and UNC. This is arguably the biggest upset of the tournament so far. Stephen Curry scores 25 of his 30 points in the second half while Georgetown was outscored 47 to 32 in the second half.
  • Many of the Freshman Phenoms are out of the tournament including Michael Beasley, Eric Gordon, and O.J Mayo.
  • Two of the hottest teams: San Diego and Pittsburgh, bow out in the second round. San Diego won six straight games including wins over Saint Marys, Gonzaga, and UConn before losing to Western Kentucky 72-63. Pittsburgh also won six in a row including wins over Louisville, Marquette, and Georgetown before losing to Michigan State 65-54
  • Second round saw #1 seeds get a little bit of a scare. With UCLA winning only by two and Memphis winning by 3.
  • Of the 16 teams left there are 4 #1 seeds, 2 #2 seeds, #4 3 seeds, 1#4 seed, 1 #5 seed, 1 #7 seed, 1 #10 seeds, and 2 #12 seeds still in the tournament.
  • Of the 16 teams left there are 3 Pac 10 teams, 3 Big East teams, 2 Big 12 teams, 2 Big Ten teams, 1 A-10 team, 1 C-USA team, 1 SEC team, 1 ACC team and 2 Mid Major teams (Davidson, Western Kentucky) still in the tournament.
My Bracket So Far
As bad as my first two days were I am sitting rather pretty right now. My final four is still intact and I have 6 of my 8 elite 8 teams left in the tournament. Plus it was nice calling the Davidson/Georgetown upsets after my other upset picks kind of went by the wayside (George Mason over Notre Dame, St. Joesph over Oklahoma). It seemed like I picked the wrong day to have my upsets happen. As long as Kansas, UCLA, Texas, and North Carolina can continue to win along with getting one of my elite 8 teams (either Xavier or Louisville) I should be fine going into the weekend. For my regular readers I want to apologize with the crazy schedule this week. I had a crazy week at school this week getting ready for spring break but I will be back on my regular schedule this week. Tune in Thursday for my Sweet Sixteen predictions as we get closer to crowning the 2007-2008 NCAA Basketball Championship.


Anonymous said...

Great recap.


Sportsattitude said...

Same deal, Nate. My Final Four are intact and six of my Elite Eight...but I am dead last in my office pool and have had the worst first couple of rounds in recent memory. I think I overthought things too much this year...didn't let "the game come to me." Ha!