Monday, March 31, 2008

My Thoughts of the Elite 8

In all my years of being a die hard sports fan I thought I would never see all #1 seeds make it to the final four. Some of the 1 seeds coasted into the final four, others struggled. This is what caught my eye in the round of 8.

  • The dream for Davidson is over. I couldn't believe Curry picked up his dribble and actually passed on the final shot of the game. Curry for now is saying he is going to come back to Davidson for his junior season, but we all know that could change at anytime. If he does infact come back Davidson will more than likely be in the preseason Top 25 poll. To me this game is kind of in different. For those who know me I am a huge Missouri Tigers fan so I hate Kansas but I have them going to the championship game this year. Although the bracket side of myself is happy, my hating Kansas side hurts because it would of been an amazing story to see Kansas lose to another mid major in this decade. Plus it would of set up an amazing rematch between Davidson and North Carolina (for those non die hard college basketball fans Davidson only lost by four to UNC during the regular season). Oh well I guess I will just have to settle for what very well could be the game of the decade between Roy Williams and North Carolina against his old team the Kansas Jayhawks. Darn.

  • Have to give props to Memphis who really suprised me as they easily handled Texas. I had been on the bandwagon of Memphis all season saying they deserve to be #1 when they were playing Conference USA teams. I dropped off them winning the championship when I saw the side of the bracket they were on which had some of the hardest teams in it. They have proven me and the rest of the critics wrong by getting by three great teams (Mississippi State, Michigan State, and Texas) to get into the final four. Free Throw shooting has really not been a problem since they played Mississippi State but they are playing a very very good UCLA team who they have seen in recent tournament past. I love the matchup down low that could go on between Love and Dorsey.

  • Finally even though it was only a ten point win I thought North Carolina had dominated most of the game and has been no doubt the most impressive team in this tournament to this point. All the other number one seeds had a least one game decided by three points or less. They will have a great opponent waiting for them in the final four when they play Kansas. Expect a fast paced game on Saturday as both teams like to get out and run up and down the floor.
We are down to the final four now and in less than a week a champion will be crowned. Tune in Thursday for Final four analysis and predictions

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