Saturday, March 22, 2008

M y Thoughts Of Round 1

With Round One of the NCAA tournament in the books I wanted to give you my recap thoughts on a busy first two days college basketball.

  • Day 2 had massive amounts of upsets (especially in Tampa) Higher seeds only winning 10 out of 16 games.
  • Like I have said for the past month and a half Vandy is not that good away from their home arena and it showed last night in a blow out upset loss to Siena.
  • Belmont is better than a lot of people think but Duke played down to their level and got very lucky they weren't the upset of the first round two years running.
  • Stephen Curry is the man for Davidson (40 points on 14-22 shooting)
  • Notre Dame is better than I gave them credit for.
  • 30 3 pointers made in Drake/Western Kentucky is insane. It is also fitting the Bulldogs would lose on a last second three the way the game was going.
  • Again the #1 seeds have no problem with the #16 seeds.
  • Big 10 really impressed me (3-1 only loss was Indiana)
Round 2 Things To Watch Out For
  • Couple possible 2 seed upsets between Duke/West Virginia and Georgetown/Davidson (even Tennessee/Butler)
  • Two double digit seed games in Tampa between Sienna/Villanova and Western Kentucky/San Diego.
  • Two great 4 vs 5 matchups between Pittsburgh/Michigan State and Washington State/Notre Dame.
  • Seeing if Beasley can lead K-State to the Sweet 16
Great tournament so far. I will be back Monday to give you my thoughts on the Second Round of the NCAA tournament.

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