Thursday, March 13, 2008

Conference Championship Predictions

Championship week is upon is and it wouldn't be me if I didn't give you my view on who will win each major conference championship game. So without further adieu here is my view on championship games of the Big 12, Big East, Big 10, SEC, Pac 10, and ACC tournament.

ACC Championship Game-
North Carolina over Duke-I think this is the most obvious championship game of the six because the ACC is not as deep as it has been in recent years. You have the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils as great teams in the conference then you have a lot of decent but not great team in the middle and the bottom of the league. I could see an outside shot of Maryland getting in there but a rematch between hated rivals should be in the mix. In the tie breaker match North Carolina wins the tie breaker match between these to and wins the #1 overall seed in the tournament with a 82-77 victory.

Big East Championship Game-
Louisville over Connecticut-No Georgetown in the championship I know but I really think the Hoya's won't be in this tournament very long. They may in fact lose to Villanova this afternoon. I think UConn matches up very very well with the Roy Hibbert and will beat the Hoyas if they matchup in the semi's tomorrow night. Louisville is out prove something after losing the conference regular season title and will be out to make a statement in this tournament. Sosa will help lead the Cardinals to a 67-60 win over the Huskies of UConn.

Big 10 Championship Game-
Purdue over Michigan State-Interested in this tournament because I don't think there is one team in the conference that is the clear cut favorite. They all are rather weak and I can see every one of the Big 10 teams losing in the first or second round. I think we will see how good Wisconsin actually is in this tournament because I really think they could lose to the Michigan/Iowa winner in the second round. Purdue just seems to be the best team in this conference and I think will easily win this tournament and Michigan State has Drew Nietzel which will help them go very deep in this tournament but ultimately the Boilermakers will win and win big over the Spartans 67-53.

Big 12 Championship Game-Texas over Kansas-This will be the most entertaining championship game of the six. The horns have been hot since early February while Kansas has been great all season. Winner of this game will get a number one seed in the big dance. Essentially this tournament is a weekend full of home games for Kansas but I think the horns will be too much because Texas will rain threes and will win it on a last three to beat the Jayhawks 66-64. This will be the most entertaining championship game of the 6 by far.

Pac 10 Championship Game-Stanford over USC-I know the Cardinal just lost to USC not a week ago, but I think they redeem themselves and win a 2 seed in the tournament. USC is the hottest team in the Pac 10 right now and I think that helps them get past a tough second round game against Kevin Love and UCLA but will run out of gas toward the championship because of the Lopez brothers will be too much inside. Watch out Stanford could be a dark horse for the final four and they beat O.J Mayo 67-56.

SEC Championship Game-Kentucky over Tennessee-The Wildcats have been the hottest team in all the land and I think they take over an win a very weak SEC conference championship game. Vandy doesn't impress me at all, Florida won't get in the tourney thanks to a horrid non conference schedule, Mississippi State is ok but nothing great so that leaves Tennessee and Kentucky. Tennessee will have a target on their back the entire tournament and I think that ends up hurting them in the Championship game over the Wildcats 69-64.

Exciting weekend ahead. Tune in to Gonners View all week next week where I will break down the entire bracket and give you my top 5 upsets, my final four dark horses, and my entire tournament bracket all next week. Have a great weekend of B-Ball everyone.

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Sportsattitude said...

So many upsets, so many teams going through the motions, etc. I think my point I posted on regarding - if anything - lowering the number of teams that play for the national championship has been made based on the last couple of days. It's not's the fact so many of them know they're going to be in the NCAA's they don't bust it in the conference tournament...which in turn lets people get into the mix that truly don't belong in a national championship format. Jim Boeheim thinks more teams should be in the NCAA's and I think there should be less. It all depends on what you want out of college basketball that determines which side you're on. Your predictions made a lot of sense had these teams actually taken these games seriously, but clearly, some did not.