Monday, March 3, 2008

Browns Offseason Moves Are Most Impressive

I know I know it is very early in the free agency process but so far it looks like the Cleveland Browns are the winners in this years free agency. For one they will have consistency at the starting quarterback position for the first time since the Browns returned to Cleveland, and two they got another speedy wide receiver to go along with an already lethal offense, and got some really big help on the defensive line. This team has now went from a team that barely missed the playoffs to a the favorite to win one of the toughest divisions in football and possibly a Super Bowl contender.

The Browns Moves
First day of free agency the Browns make sure they have consistency at the quarterback postion by signing Derek Anderson to a three year deal. This I think will help not only with consistency, but also it will cause competition at the quarterback postion, which is something many teams strive for. Then the Browns go out and make, in my opinion, the biggest signing in free agency by signing Donte Stallworth to a 7 year deal. Stallworth brings a ton of speed and will give Anderson another guy to throw to deep. Now it looks like the Browns offense might be the best offensive core in 2008. That is if everyone can stay healthy. On the defensive side the added to massive defensive lineman in Corey Williams and Shawn Rodgers. Rodgers, who was looking to be going to Cincinatti via trade, ended up a Brown after the Roger Goodell vetoed the trade to the Bengals. The Browns also gave up a second round pick to acquire Williams from the Packers and will be a huge pass rushing force for the Browns. With these monster moves though, the Browns don't have a draft pick until the fourth round of this years draft. However, the ways the Browns have been wheeling and dealing lately I wouldn't be surprised if they make a move to get a first day draft pick. This team in my opinion wins at least 11 games this season if they can stay healthy.

Other Good Moves
Here are some other moves that I think will benifit teams next year

  • Alge Crumpler signing a two year deal with the Titans, giving Vince Young a safety blanket when he does pass the ball.
  • Alan Faneca signing with the Jets which will not only help with Thomas Jones rushing production, but could also help Chad Pennington stay healthy for a full 16 games
  • Buffalo helping their defense immensely with signing Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Stroud. This will help keep the pressure off of a young offense.
  • And Jacksonville getting help at their number one weakness: the wide receiver spot by acquiring Troy Williamson from the Vikings and signing Jerry Porter.

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Sportsattitude said...

I agree with just about all your observations with one exception, the Donte Stallworth signing. In his one year with the Eagles, he arrived as damaged goods from New Orleans and proved to be a deep threat as long as he was able to stay on the field, which was about half the season. I was shocked at the length of his contact. That being said, the Browns definitely showed they are trying to upgrade the team and I wish them well as they try to make the Browns franchise relevant within the NFL once more. Sticking with Eagles allegedly tried to pry Randy Moss away from the Pats but ultimately Moss decided Tom Brady was a better fit than Donovan McNabb...and I don't blame him one bit. Receivers are going to be slim pickings unless Larry Fitzgerald's salary really does make him expendable to the Cardinals' future.