Monday, February 18, 2008

Time To Pop Some Teams Bubbles

Wow I can't believe it is already February 18. This college basketball season is just flying by. With that being said there are a lot of teams with their post season fate in question. Its time for teams to show what they are really made of. So I thought it would be fun to cause a little bit of controversy and pick five teams from major conferences that will not be participating in this years March Madness. It is time to pop some teams bubbles.

Oregon 15-10 (6-7 Pac 10)

Great job in the non conference season by the Ducks as they have a very valuable win at Kansas State on their resume but a loss at Nebraska coupled with a poor conference resume is gonna keep the Ducks out. They really need to beat Washington State on Saturday and they couldn't get it done. They play three straight games on the road before coming home to play Arizona and Arizona State to end the season. They need to win four of the five to bring their conference record to 10-8 for them to have a chance but I see the Ducks settling for the NIT.

Villanova 15-9 (5-7 Big East)
Have a non conference schedule that is not bad but not great. Good wins include Temple and at George Mason but losing 6 out of 8 really is hurting the Wildcats at this point. Four important games against teams in or fighting for a spot in the NCAA tournament will determine Villanova's fate. Even if they win 3 out of the four I think they still need a semifinal appearance in the Big East tournament to be safely in.

Oklahoma 15-8 (5-5 Big 12)
Decent non conference schedule with wins over West Virginia and Gonzaga but they also have two bad losses in Colorado on the road and Steven F. Austin at home. The problem is that they don't have a signature win to propel them officially into the tournament and they are running out of games to do it in. They have basically two opportunities this Saturday against Texas and March 1st against Texas A&M at home. Oh and they have to make sure not to Nebraska or Missouri cause that would hurt their chances. I don't see them beating either Texas or A&M so they have to go to the semi's of the Big 12 tournament and I don't see that happening either.

Florida 19-7 (6-5 SEC)

They lost a lot of talent from that back to back championship team, but that is not a reason to schedule a weak non conference schedule. The Gators strength of schedule is ranked 117 and their best non conference win is against Temple. There bad loss was a double digit home loss to LSU and with Tennessee at home, and Kentucky on the road the Gators need to win their next three games, split the last two games and go deep into the SEC tournament to get in. I just don't see that happening with a young team that is a lot to ask for. Expect the Gators to be back next year.

Ohio State 17-8 (8-4 Big Ten)

Just like the Gators, the Buckeyes have lost a good portion of the team that made it to the National Championship game last season. They have a good wins over Syracuse and Florida. The problem is that they don't have that one big win to push them over the top. They played a great schedule which included: Texas A&M, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan State, and Purdue. The problem is the Buckeyes didn't win any of those games and with four out of their last five games against ranked teams I think Ohio State needs to at least split them and may even need to win three to get a good seed in the Big Ten tourney because they need a good showing in the Big Ten tourney to make it in. Loss to Michigan this weekend doesn't help the Buckeyes cause.


Sportsattitude said...

Agree that all of these teams look like they are on the outside of Bracketville right now. As always, the last couple of weeks will figure greatly into their ultimate fate but right now, they would seem to have to run the regular-season table or pull at least a couple upsets in conference tourney play.

Neil Joshi said...

I think the pack of teams in the Pac-10 that are hovering around a .500 conference are a litle overrated. You have Oregon out right now, which I agree with, but I can't see how Arizona State, Arizona, USC, and Cal all merit consideration when they can't win games against quality comeptition. I think the Pac-10 is a five bid league and I'm being generous. All this talk of six, even seven seeems a little far fetched. You got UCLA, Stanford, Washington State, and at most two of the teams in that mess in the middle.

Anonymous said...

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