Monday, February 4, 2008

Santana Is Worth The Big Bucks

As of Friday Night, the Mets are now the official winners of the Johan Santana Trade. Now the power in the NL East has shifted once again. After a crazy season that saw the Mets have a historic collapse, the Mets needed to assure their fans they were ready to take the NL East title in 2008. All of a sudden one player has propelled the Mets from a contender for the East title to a contender for the NL pennant, and maybe even the World Series. When Santana was rumored to be on the market I knew the Mets would be interested, I just thought they would get outbid by the Yankees or Red Soxs. Regardless Johan Santana has been on the most dominate pitcher in Major League Baseball and he has done it playing against David Ortiz, Valdimir Guerrero, Alex Rodriguez and the power hitting American League. In eight years in the American League, Santana has won two Cy Young Awards, has made an appearance in the All-Star game 3 years, and has made 4 postseason appearances. Now he moves to the National League where the competition isn't as fierce and where he can continue his dominate ways.

Did The Twins Actually Get The Short End Of The Stick?
I think they did. Now I know we won't know until a couple years down the road whether or not this trade was good for the Twins, but right now I am saying it wasn't a good trade. They got four prospects, none of which have major league experience. I really thought that the Yankees package of Melky Caberera and Phil Hughes was a really good deal for them because they would of gotten a proven starting pitcher and a good center fielder to replace Tori Hunter for Santana. Now I know the Twins have made great trades in the past, but if you are going to trade the most prized pitcher in the league you should be getting more than just four unproven prospects. They let the trade talks run too long that they lost leverage. When it was all said and done the Yankees and Red Soxs pulled out leaving the Mets as the only team the Twins could negotiate with. Time will tell, but I do think the Twins screwed the pooch on this trade. But who knows one of those four prospects could be the next Francisco Liriano (Twins got in a trade with the Giants for A.J Prezynski).

How Will Santana Respond With The New York Media Breathing Down His Neck.
One of the biggest concerns I have with this trade is how well Sanata will adjust to playing in New York. It has taken many stars a couple of months to adjust to the pressure of the New York media, and some players never overcome it. He got paid big money to win the Mets games, and if he doesn't you can bet that the Met faithful and the New York media will chew him up and spit him out. In his eight seasons in the league Santana has only had one losing season and that was his first season where he only had five decisions. I think he wont let it get to him, I honestly don't. He is 93-44 all-time and should have no problem winning 200 games if keeps playing at the level he is playing at right now. Great trade by the Mets and they should be the team to beat in the NL in 2008.

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Sportsattitude said...

I agree the pressure on Santana will be enormous in the Big Apple and likely will impact his season sooner or later. Pitchers who sign these monster contracts often flame out shortly thereafter. I'm betting he'll have a decent but not great season...the pressure on the Mets is already high after their collapse last year...getting Santana means the fan base is looking for 162-0. Santana will find out from Day 1 he's not hiding out in Minnesota anymore.