Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rivalries Make The Sports World Go Round

Last nights North Carolina vs Duke match up on ESPN as a part of rivalry week got me to think. What would sports really be like if there wasn't any rivalries? Thats right just think about it for a second. No hatred between teams, no classic history, no historic match ups that have been dated back to the late 1800's. Sports just wouldn't be sports. Rivalries gives sports its sex appeal, without that sports are really just an ordinary hobby. Whether it has been going on forever or it just developed sports rivalries are the reason we watch. We love seeing the New York Yankees and Boston Red Soxs go at each others throats because you know at any minute there could be an all out brawl between them. We love watching Duke and North Carolina because it seems like no matter how good or bad the teams are the game always ends up coming down to the last shot. And who can forget every year Ohio State and Michigan going at it in the Woody vs Bo game. Rivalries divide states, towns, friendships, even families are divided because of these rivalries. They just keep us intrigued.

My Top Five Favorite Rivalries.
Everyone has their own list of favorites so I thought since this is Gonners view, I thought I would share my favorite rivalries.

#5 Boston Red Soxs vs New York Yankees-Just love seeing them go at each other 365 days a year (thats right they fight in the off season too) just is great to me.

#4 New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts-the rivalry between Tom Brady and Petyon Manning every year is just great to watch

#3 North Carolina vs Duke-Schools separated by less than 100 miles and the rich history behind this rivalry makes it the best college basketball rivalry without a doubt.

#2 Michigan vs Ohio State-Living in Ann Arbor Michigan for a couple of years got me to see the hatred between these two teams. If you have read my columns before you might remember me saying that I am a Michigan Wolverine fan and it is hard not to when you actually live there and see first hand what the rivalry does to the state. I know every rivalry has hate but in my opinion the definition of hate in a rivalry is hate shown by both Michigan and Ohio State fans.

#1 Kansas vs Missouri-Yes my favorite rivalry is the Border Showdown between the Tigers of Missouri and the Jayhawks of Kansas. Growing up in the state of Missouri, I was taught for a very young age to hate the Jayhawks and everything about them. They school mascot, there players, and just the state itself. The rivalry is very entertaining even though Kansas wins a majority of the time. But its that one win every once in a while that Missouri gets to put in the win column that is worth it because it seems like it comes at the right time. Take this football season for example. Missouri was the only team to beat Kansas this football season, if they would of lost Kansas could of played for a National Championship. Nothing made me feel better than to see Kansas fans cry as their team lost.
What is the Greatest Rivalry?
You know my vote favorite, but as far as greatest goes there really isn't a clear cut decision. What I want to know is what you think? What is the greatest rivalry in sports. Is it Ohio State/Michigan in College football, Duke/UNC in basketball, Yankees/Red Soxs in baseball, the Avalanche/Red Wings in hockey, Is it the Redskins/Cowboys in football, is it the Celtics/Lakers in the NBA, or is it one I didn't even mention. Cast your vote on my poll and feel free to leave you comments here. Everyone has an opinion and I want to hear yours. For me its got to be the Duke Blue Devils vs the North Carolina Tar Heels. Every time they get together it doesn't matter how good or how bad they are, the game always comes down to the last shot. I have seen bad games in other rivalries but never once have I seen a bad Tar Heels Blue Devils match up. To me that is something you can't beat.


Sportsattitude said...

Pro Baseball - Yankees-Red Sox
College Football - Ohio State-Michigan
Pro Football - Eagles-Cowboys (that's the Philly in me - these teams truly hate each other year in, year out)...but nationally Pats-Colts is certainly higher profile of late.
Pro Basketball - Lakers-Celtics (soon to become what it used to be)
College Basketball - Duke-North Carolina (but I give props to Kansas-Missouri and even Illinois-Missouri - two true Border Wars!)

Stefan Ming said...

the old UND-NDSU rivalry, back when my parents went there at the football and bball game there was always fights in the stands, garbage was always being thrown at the other team, my parents said it was like a civil war when they played.

Best rivalry is Michigan-Ohio St. followed by Yankees-Red Sox. KU-Mizzou is a great rivalry. And just to clear thingd up Duke-UNC are seperated by 8 miles.

Anonymous said...

it's not a rivalry if missouri never beats kansas