Monday, January 14, 2008

Pete Carroll Would Be An Idiot To Leave USC

When I first heard that Pete Carroll was interested in talking to Arthur Blank about the coaching position for the Atlanta Falcons, I thought it was a joke. I mean you can't be serious right? Carroll wouldn't leave the dynasty he built in Southern California to go coach a disaster that is the Atlanta Falcons right? I understand an opportunity to coach a NFL team is a chance that doesn't come every day, but Carroll seems to have a pretty good job in California. He basically has a NFL team out their in California, especially since L.A hasn't had an NFL team since the Rams left for St. Louis. If I were Carroll, I wouldn't leave USC unless I was offered a job with his old team, the New England Patriots, or the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position. Because in my opinion, those are the only NFL teams that could beat USC year in an year out. Plus with his mediocre NFL coaching record why would he leave?
Carroll/Belichick both benefit from switch.
Who knew that when Carroll left the Patriots in 1999 that him and Bill Belichick would find success. So much success mind you that both coaches teams have the word Dynasty written all over them. Pete Carroll has won 6 straight Pac 10 titles, 2 National Championships, and is 5-1 in BCS games since taking over USC in 2001. His overall record at USC is 76-14. Not to mention he has one of the best recruiting classes year in and year out. Belichick has had the same type of success with New England. Since 2000, New England has only missed the playoffs twice. The Pats have won three Super Bowls, and this season went undefeated in the regular season for the first time since the Dolphins did it in 1972. Belichick's record in the post season is 14-3 including 7-0 in home playoff games. Both teams just don't lose very often. That is why I don't understand why Carroll would flirt with even the thought of coming back to the NFL. His record in the NFL is 33-31. It isn't bad but when you have a great record in the college ranks why leave?

Why Would the Falcons Want A College Coach?

This maybe more mind boggling to me then Carroll thinking about a return to the Pros. Did you not learn from your mistakes Atlanta? You just got screwed over by Bobby Petrino, and your first instinct is to go back to school to find your coach? I know you want a "sexy" name to coach your team after having a year to forget in 2007. However, you just got burned by a college coach, and I wouldn't go to college unless it was my last resort. If they burn you once shame on them, if they burn you twice shame on you Atlanta. Now I am not saying Carroll would leave you in the middle of the season, but he could leave if he didn't find instant success. Plus college coaches usually don't have great success in the pros. Just go out and get a proven winner in the pros. Marty Shottenheimer is still on the market, and we know he is a proven winner in the regular season. Look the Falcons are no where close to winning any playoff games, and for me I want to see improvement. A guy like Shottenheimer would bring some success in 2008. I wouldn't say they are going to go 8-8, but they need to improve on this years 4-12 record. I think it would be good for both Carroll and the Falcons to just shut these talks down and move on.


Sportsattitude said...

I love the idea of Marty S in Atlanta. Pete Carroll would be an idiot to leave USC, even if sanctions are forthcoming due to the Reggie Bush situation. He already had his "run" in the NFL and knows in his heart he's a college guy. Just like Bobby Petrino should have known all along. I truly do believe NFL teams will be very wary of bringing in college coaches in the future unless they have had significant, successful NFL experience...and even then, if they've been away from the pro game for some length of time they still will shy away from bringing them back into the NFL.

Stefan Ming said...

I have to agree here. There is no reason for Carroll to leave. He has produced the best team of the BCS Era, why leave now? Especially with all the talent he has, and even more talent that is coming in year after year. Life is good in LA.