Monday, January 28, 2008

The New England Patriots Are The Evil Empire Of The NFL

Why is it that the New England Patriots are hated throughout the football world? Why is it that no one likes Bill Belichick? And why is it that a handful of people hope Tom Brady gets hit by a bus so the Patriots will stop winning week in and week out. These are questions I pondered while watching the Patriots clinch a spot in next weeks Super Bowl last weekend. Oh to clarify I wasn't the one who had thoughts of Tom Brady getting hit by a bus. That fantasy was made up by one of my good sports buddies, who will remain nameless. I would just like to see Tom Brady get injured just to the point where they have to bring in their back up quarterback, Matt Cassel, and actually see what the Patriots are really made of. I mean look at their offense. Its no wonder Tom Brady broke the single season touchdown record this season. Its easy when you have guys like Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth running fly routes and using their speed to get open while the defense leaves Wes Welker wide open in the middle of the field to pick up just enough yards to move the sticks if in fact Brady is in trouble. I could thrive in the Patriots offense, and I suck at throwing a football longer than 10 yards. So why do we hate you New England? We hate you because you find ways to win when we think you have all but lost the game. How you beat the Ravens this season on Monday night football is beyond me. How the Dolphins didn't capitalize on one of your four turnovers baffles me. And how the Chargers had three interceptions against you, yet they couldn't put the ball in the end zone shocks me. You make it seem easy, and by the time you are going to the podium for post game interview you have already put the game behind you. Will you be like other teams for once, and actually talk about enjoying a win instead of saying oh this doesn't matter to us anymore we are already thinking about (insert any of New Englands opponents here). There are more reasons why I hate them, but you can read about them later on.

There Had To Be A Time When The Patriots Weren't Hated Right?
I mean seriously there had to be a time in the new millennium where we sports fans didn't hate the Patriots. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy for them when they won their first Super Bowl over the St. Louis Rams. I had no problem when Bill Parcells was coaching New England. Back in the days when Drew Bledsoe was actually good. When exactly did us sports fans starter hating the Patriots? Was it after their second Super Bowl? Their Third? This year when they got a whole bunch of talent through trades and free agency? I don't know exactly when I started not liking the Patriots, but I know it is a hate that runs deep.

Top Ten Reasons Why Sports Fans Hate The New England Patriots
Yeah I decided to make a list of reasons why we as sports fans hate the New England Patriots. For one their are a few key reasons why we all hate the New England Patriots, but some of them might only pertain to me. Anyway without further adieu here is Gonners Views Top Ten Reasons Why Sports Fans Hate the New England Patriots.

#10 Because of Their Fans-Actually it is just Boston sports fans in general. Boston fans are cocky because all their major sports teams are thriving. The Red Soxs just won their second World Series in this decade, we know about the Patriots going for history, the Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now, and the Boston Bruins look rather good in the hockey world. Thus this is why they are rather cocky, and the first of many reasons why we hate the New England Patriots. Basically cause their fans won't shut up about them.

#9 New England Getting A Top Ten Draft Pick Even Though They Are In The Playoffs-Now this can be blamed on the San Fransisco 49ers. I couldn't find what the 49ers got for this pick but this is what the Patriots do best. They find great players in the draft (i.e Tom Brady in the 6th Round) and they make trades that help them get better. Who does New England really need? They are set on the offensive side of the ball, and their defense is not too shabby either. Bad 49ers don't give up your first round draft pick to the Patriots.

#8 The Patriots getting Randy Moss for a FOURTH round draft pick-Ok people stop trading with the New England Patriots. They got a scoring threat for a measly 4th round draft pick? Don't trade someone with Randy Moss's ability unless you get a first day draft pick or more. Maybe the dumbest trade ever by the Oakland and New England took advantage of the Raiders stupidity. Bad Raiders for giving the Patriots a deep threat in Randy Moss.

#7 They Run Up The Score-I mean really New England did you like making teams feel absolutely horrible by keeping your starters in while you had a 30 point lead. I mean did you really have to beat teams by more than 30 points? Did you really need to keep your starters in the game in the fourth quarter against the Redskins when you were already up 38-0 just so you could score one more touchdown to make you feel good about yourself. Did you really have to come out firing in the second half at Buffalo when you already had a 35-7 lead? No you really didn't.
#6 Because ESPN Loves Them-It seems like all season long you could go a day without hearing something about the New England Patriots. They have had that Pursuit of Perfection crap up ever since the end of September (and possibly longer than that I really don't know). I was almost certain that the media with all the attention they gave to the Patriots run at history would somehow trip them up. We can't go a day without hearing about the Patriots. Tom Brady this and Bill Belichick that. Randy Moss assulted someone, and Tom Brady is wearing a boot who the heck cares? ESPN is quickly turning into Entertainment Tonight with the main focus all the time being on the Brady Bunch.

#5 Spygate-Now before I get into this one, I don't think the Patriots is the only team doing this type of cheating in the NFL. However, they got caught because they were tattled on and that is another reason why we hated them. So how long did they video tape signals? Did it help them win their three Super Bowls? I really don't know. However, I do think the punishment fit the crime by taking away one of New Englands first round draft picks (they should of taken the 49ers one away from them) and a half million dollar fine. I don't know why the Patriots did it, but I have a feeling other teams are doing the exact same thing.

#4 Bandwagon Fans- Every loyal sports fans hate these two timing pricks. One day they like one team the next another. Now they have jump of New Englands historic run bandwagon, acting like they have been fans for years. Give me a break. Its bad to live in the midwest and see guys wearing Patriot merchandise and telling you that the Patriots are the best thing since sliced bread. These are the fans I hate more than the true Boston sports fan. Because actual Boston sports fans lived through all the bad times in the mid to late 90's when all their sports teams sucked. To all the Bandwagon fans out their stop being kiss asses and choose a real team to like. Because I hate to break it to you, the Patriots will not be good forever and they you will just have to move to another team later on and buying new stuff to "cover up" that you are actually a fake fan can get kind of expensive.

#3 Tom Brady- The pretty boy athlete is living the dream. He has superstar status in the NFL and is a guy the ladies go goo-goo for. I mean half the friends that are girls are Patriot fans just because Tom Brady is hot. Yes that maybe the dumbest reason to like a football team, but it is the truth. Honestly the reason I hate him is for his constant rumors that he is going to retire. I don't know if you have heard the newest rumors yet, but there is talk that he is going to retire after the season because he knows he can never beat 19-0. I like that one better than a few years ago when he was going to retire because he was bored and he was going to run for senate (or at least that is what I heard). Brady has drama written all over him, and it makes me sick.

#2 Bill Belichick- It's everything about him. The way he address the media, the way he shakes the oppenents coaches hand, we even hate that gray hoodie he wears in basically all weather conditions. He is a jerk to the media when they ask questions, he treats the opponents head coach with no respect, and, going along with reason #5, he also cheats and knew about it for some time and didn't stop it. I am pretty sure Belichick has a black hole where his heart is suppose to be. He really is the "Darth Vader" of the National Football League. When he decides to pass on the clipboard to someone else he may in fact be one of the most successful NFL coaches in history, but also maybe the most hated coach in history too.

#1 Because They Are A Dynasty- Bottom line we as sports fans hate when a team wins championships consistently. We like change. We were happy last year when Peyton finally won his first Super Bowl, and we would be happy to see the Giants win their first Super Bowl since 1990. But we are sick and tired of the Patiorts winning, especially by pulling it out in the last second. The Patriots have won their three Super Bowl by a combine 9 points. Yes all the Patriots Super Bowl wins have been by 3. Two of their three games they won it on last second field goals. So the sports fan in me hopes the Patriots lose by a field goal next Sunday in Arizona just so their can be some counterbalance in the sports universe.

Some day the Patriot dynasty will fall, and our hate for the Patriots will be less and less. However, until Tom Brady retires and Bill Belichick decides to hang up the clipboard the Patriots will be competing for the Super Bowl year in and year out. For that I say come on Giants, keep the Patriots from going undefeated.


Matt D said...

WEll nate,,I like the approach you took with this column..BUt obviously i dont agree with everything..I mean Mostly everyone hates Brady and Belichick, but im sure that the other 31 teams in the league would love to have them.

Anonymous said...

I am proud that you could come up with those 10 reasons, and if I didn't love the Patriots, I would probably be laughing. But it is a goo column kid.

Sportsattitude said...

Great post, Nate. Plenty of reasons to dislike them, mainly because they're so damn good!

tittie said...

nice work, as the man who does want brady to get hit by a bus yay! lol,
-also about bill, he made a linebacker practice 2days after recieving a concussion a few years ago, causing the player to recieve another. the player now suffers from succidial depression... wut a great coach.

Anonymous said...

Sheez, Let Me Sum Up For You The Reasons You stated WHY You HATE The Pats:
1) Tom Brady is Handsome
2) Belichick is coy with Media Vultures
3) They Win Alot, and People Hate That (Dynasty)
4) They Play to Win and don't let Teams back in the game(Score alot)
5) SpyGate...along with Everyone
6) People from where you're from are wannabees (fairweather fans)
7) Pats Fans like the Team and Pats Fans Like Winning
8) Their Front Office makes Other Teams look stupid (Randy Moss Trade)...
9) Their Front Office makes Other Teams look REALLY Stupid (trades for First Rd picks)
10) ...because ESPN didn't put "SpyGate" on it's FrontPage and lawd How Evil the Pats are and How the Colts represent everything good and nice in this world....Oh, wait, ESPN DID do this for roughly an entire, IT's almost as if Colt's players could SHOOT people and ESPN would care more about SpyGate...nah, that's just too far

ANYWAY, Those are some pretty sweet objective, precise, and clearly thought out Reasons You made to HATE the Patriots...