Monday, January 21, 2008

Love Him or Hate Him, Bob Knight is One Of The Best Coaches Ever

He has done it again. Bob Knight, already the winningest coach in division I mens college basketball, has reached yet another milestone. Last Wednesday, Knight won his 900th game as a head coach. A coaching career that started way back in the early 1960's, Bob Knight maybe best known for his coaching days at the University of Indiana. During his tenure at Indiana, Knight won three national championships, 11 Big Ten Titles, and coached the last team to go undefeated in college basketball. The only thing more famous than his accomplishments is Knight's outbursts.

Knights History of Outbursts

If you know college basketball, then you know Bob Knight has always had a history of anger problems. If you don't know, here is a list of some of his famous tirades. In 1985, Knight threw a chair across the court to dispute a referee's call during a game against Big Ten Rival Purdue. At a practice in 1991, Knight lashed out at his players. He said and I quote "You don't wanna play, then I'm getting the fuck out of here. I mean, if you're not gonna cover Greg Graham; if you're just gonna let him drive by you; if the rest of you are gonna let him catch the ball outside the three second lane and drive all the way in here without one guy challenging him, then I'm leaving and you fucking guys will run 'til you can't eat supper. Now I'm tired of this shit! I'm sick and fucking tired of an 8-10 record! I'm fucking tired of losing to Purdue!" There is more of the quote, but I think you get the picture. However his most famous tyraide, and the incident that ultimately lead to Knight's resignation came in 2000.

In April 2000, CNNSI showed a taped practice from 1997 that showed Knight choking one of his own players. In September of that same year, Bob Knight resigned and after a season off went to coach the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He is still with Texas Tech to this day. But the controversy and anger outbursts didn't stop there. In November of 2006, Knight was shown allegedly hitting player Michael Prince under the chin to get him to make eye contact. Prince went on to say Knight did nothing wrong. Finally in November of this past year, Knight was accused of firing a shotgun in the direction of a man after he yelled at Knight and another man for hunting too close to his home. The incident was caught on camera phone and was broadcasted on television.

Why Bob Knight Is A Great Teacher
What I love about Bob Knight is that he gets the most out of his players. He may not have a team filled with McDonald's All-Americans, but he has guys who play hard and play for the love of the game. In a college game that sees over half of its players leave college early for a chance at NBA fame, Bob Knights players stay and graduate. In fact Knight has always had a good percentage of his players graduate. He teaches them that there is more to life than basketball. Also he has assistant coaches and players who have gone on to have success as head coaches. Some of those assistants and players are: Mike Krzyzewski, Steve Alford, Mike Davis, and Isiah Thomas. He has taught the game of basketball to hundreds of mens, and has had immense amount of success wherever he has gone. Whether you love him or hate, you can't deny that Bob Knight is one of the best coaches in sports history.


Sportsattitude said...

Agreed. Boy, do I detest him but nonetheless have to praise his superb knack for getting the very most out of everyone associated with his programs, including his players getting an education, and he is truly an all-time coaching legend.

stephen a said...

Bob Knight honestly is the type of coach I would want to play for. If you look at his players throughout his career, other than Isaiah Thomas, he hasn't had too many standouts, yet he has won a ton of games.

Anonymous said...

Great coach hands down to bad it sometimes gets overshadowed by his outbursts. He knows how to evaluate talent and build teams regardless of exceptional talent.