Thursday, January 3, 2008

Llyod Carr Goes Out On Top

It seemed unlikely that Michigan could beat Florida. The Wolverines have had problems with dual threat quarterbacks all season. Yet, Michigan slowed down Tim Tebow just enough to beat the Florida Gators 41-35 in the Capital One Bowl. Tebow, this years Heisman winner, couldn't lead Florida despite having a good game. He threw for 159 yards and three touchdowns and ran for just under 60 yards and another score. This is the third year in a row the Heisman winner lost his bowl game. More importantly, the Lloyd Carr era at Michigan ends on a high note. There is no better way for Carr to go out then with a win, especially during a season fill with significant losses and tons of criticism.

2007 Was A Disappointing Season For The Wolverines.

It started week one when Division 1AA Appalachian State came into the Big House, and stunned the nation with a 34-32 win on a last second block field goal. After dropping completely out of the polls, Oregon came in and took Michigan behind the woodshed and completely embarrassed the Wolverines 39-7. Then they got things back on track, winning 8 straight before losing the last two games of the regular season. There is only one loss that could hurt more than the one to Appalachian State and that loss was to Ohio State. This year was the fourth straight year the Wolverines were defeated by the Buckeyes. Many of the Michigan seniors came back just for a chance to beat the mighty Buckeyes, and have a shot at a national championship. Both dreams were dashed. Lloyd Carr all year took immense crap from talk show hosts and critics around the country. Now everyone who knows me knows I am a die hard Missouri Tigers fans, but I use to live in Ann Arbor Michigan for eight years of my life. Since that time, I have had a special place in my sports life for the Michigan Wolverines. They are my Big Ten team. So when talk show hosts were saying Carr should step down, I was pretty mad about it. Carr coached for years and led Michigan to national championships, and people want to throw him out on the streets? I couldn't believe it. Yesterday seeing him get the final win, and seeing his players carry him off the field was a great sight to see. Lloyd Carr is a great man, and one hell of a coach and I was happy to see him leave with a win.

The Future For Michigan.
Now that Rich Rodriguez is the coach of Michigan, Wolverine fans better be ready to see change. You won't see NFL Quarterbacks like Tom Brady coming out of Michigan any more. Instead, Michigan is moving to a spread offense, which needs quarterbacks to use their feet as much as they do their arm. I'd expect Ryan Mallet to transfer out of the program, because he is more of a pocket passer than he is a spread offense quarterback. What I am saying is Michigan fans need to be patient. It is going to take time for Rodriguez to get players into the program that can run the spread offense. However, when he does get the players, he is going to have a team that is going to be hard to beat. In seven seasons with West Virginia, Rodriguez put up a 60-26 record. He is a proven winner, and should be able to bring the Wolverines back to glory.

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