Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Believe Your Innocent Roger Clemens

Your innocent until proven guilty. That is one thing Roger Clemens reminded me during his 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, especially when things are staked against someone. If you don't know what is going on by now Roger Clemen's trainer, Brian McNamee, told George Mitchell that Clemens took performance enhancing drugs a few times during his remarkable career. In the Mitchell reporter, over 80 players were named to have used some type of performance enhancing drugs during their career. Since its release it seems like every player named in that report has come out, and admitted to using some type of performance enhancing drug. Everyone except for Clemens. It took him a while, but he is finally defending his name and his Hall Of Fame resume. Actually, you can even forget about the HOF resume. To him it is not about the records, its about setting people straight. That right there is what I like about Roger Clemens. He could care less about the records, he just wants the respect he deserves. What makes it hard for people to take Clemens innocent plea seriously is because good friend and teammate Andy Pettitte did take HGH while recovering from shoulder surgery. McNamee was also Pettitte's trainer, and the person who gave Pettitte the HGH. Now Clemens is fight back by suing McNamee, and will testify to a federal grand jury to claim his innocence in early February.

How Can You Forget About His Records?
The stats don't lie, Clemens maybe the best pitcher to ever take the mound. He has 354 career wins, striking out 4,670 batters, and posting a career 3.12 earn run average, which helped him win 7 Cy Young Awards. Along with those accomplishments, Clemens also has 2 World Series Championships, and was named to the All Star game 11 times. All of that and his good name is on the line, all thanks to the Mitchell report. In this day an age with pitchers pitching less innings and overcoming injuries, we may never see a more accomplished pitcher like Clemens again.

Why I Believe Roger Clemens
Why I believe that he didn't take performance enhancing drugs is this. How could he play into his mid forties at the level he did with putting steroids in his body? The first time McNamee said Clemens used steroids was 1998. If he did take steroids in 1998, I don't think he would be playing baseball nine years later. Plus steroids bulk you up in a very short period of time. Clemens didn't seem like at anytime during his career that he was significantly more buff coming into spring training than he was in prior seasons. Clemens just seems to me like he is the type of person who wouldn't take any shortcuts. He is one of the hardest working people who has every played the game. The definition of a blue collar worker in sports to me. I don't care the he looks guilty, or in his interview he looked like he was hiding something. The fact is that Clemens is trying to clear his name. He did a national televised interview, he is going before congress, he is doing what everyone wants him to do. Now can everyone just lay off the guy, and believe that he is innocent until further notice? At least give the man who has played this game at a high level for two decades a little bit of respect. In the judicial system, your innocent until proven guilty. It isn't the other way around.


R. LeBaron said...

I hope he is innocent. We'll see what happens when he has to testify under oath.

Stefan Ming said...

I have no idea what to think of him right now. I dont know if he is lying or telling the truth. I guess I will have to wait

Marc said...

I think he's innocent, too.

If he's not, then he's risking a lot.

Anonymous said...

Typical dumb-shit jock. He thought the free ride that started in high school would last the rest of his life. Hope he gets 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I hope they leave him alone! He is not the only one to do steroids! They didn't test properly! They only cared about making money and ticket sales...just start fresh and leave the past behind.

Billy said...

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