Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Tom Brady The Greatest Quarterback Ever?

Everyone defines greatness a different way. Some define greatness through records. Some define it through championships. When you think of great quarterbacks some that come right to mind are Unitas, Montana, Marino, Bradshaw, Starr, Staubach, Elway, Farve, Manning, and, whether you love him or you hate him, Brady. On Sunday, Tom Brady has a chance to do what none of the quarterbacks on that list have done, and that is go undefeated. Some already say Brady is the greatest postseason quaterback of all-time and his resume defends that argument very well. Three Super Bowl rings, an undefeated record at home in the playoffs, and two Super Bowl MVPs. Not to mention he is the leader of what might go down as the best football team to ever step on a football field. Not bad for a sixth round draft pick out of the University of Michigan.

What It Really Means To Go Undefeated?

It means you will be glorified in history forever. Everyone knows Don Shula because he was the only coach to go undefeated. No matter how much you hate the New England Patriots, you have to admire the accomplishments that are waiting for them if they can get by the Giants Sunday. They may have "cheated", teams may have let the game slip through their hands, but they are the only team without a loss this season. Us haters may gripe and groan if in fact by the end of Sunday night the Patriots do win, but regardless of the outcome we will have seen history Sunday night. I have already explained what it means to go undefeated, but what if the all-mighty Patriots fall on Sunday? The Giants will have pulled off the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Whatever happens its a story we can tell our kids, our grandkids, and maybe even our great grandkids. Because being perfect never happens No baseball team has won 173 baseball games, No one wins 98 basketball games, and its hard to find a team that can go undefeated in college football and they play no more than 13 or 14 games. 36 years have passed since the Dolphins went undefeated and it maybe another 36 or more before we seen another great team like the Patriots.

Where does Brady Rank as Far As Greatest of All-Time?

Right now Tom Brady is not the best quarterback to ever play the game, but he is close. I still think San Francisco great Joe Montana is the best quarterback to ever play football. To me its not all about the records, its about stepping up when the light is shined on you. Montana did that better than any quarterback I have ever seen play. He pulled last minute heroics (i:e The Catch against the Cowboys), and he shattered the competition when the experts doubted him (i:e 55-10 Super Bowl drubbing against the #1 scoring defense in Denver). Another thing Montana has four Super Bowl rings. Brady only has three. But Brady has a great chance of surpassing Montana. Why Brady has a chance is because he still rather young. Brady is only 30 years old, and is hitting his prime right now. If he stays in the NFL for 5 or 6 more years he could win more rings and could make more memorable moments. When it is all said and done Brady could be the best player that ever played the game. Thats right not just quarterback but player. In fact Sunday might be the day he passes Joe Montana, because no great quarterback has ever lead their team to an undefeated season. Tom Brady will no doubt be heading to Canton when his career is over, but we will have to wait and see if in fact he will go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The New England Patriots Are The Evil Empire Of The NFL

Why is it that the New England Patriots are hated throughout the football world? Why is it that no one likes Bill Belichick? And why is it that a handful of people hope Tom Brady gets hit by a bus so the Patriots will stop winning week in and week out. These are questions I pondered while watching the Patriots clinch a spot in next weeks Super Bowl last weekend. Oh to clarify I wasn't the one who had thoughts of Tom Brady getting hit by a bus. That fantasy was made up by one of my good sports buddies, who will remain nameless. I would just like to see Tom Brady get injured just to the point where they have to bring in their back up quarterback, Matt Cassel, and actually see what the Patriots are really made of. I mean look at their offense. Its no wonder Tom Brady broke the single season touchdown record this season. Its easy when you have guys like Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth running fly routes and using their speed to get open while the defense leaves Wes Welker wide open in the middle of the field to pick up just enough yards to move the sticks if in fact Brady is in trouble. I could thrive in the Patriots offense, and I suck at throwing a football longer than 10 yards. So why do we hate you New England? We hate you because you find ways to win when we think you have all but lost the game. How you beat the Ravens this season on Monday night football is beyond me. How the Dolphins didn't capitalize on one of your four turnovers baffles me. And how the Chargers had three interceptions against you, yet they couldn't put the ball in the end zone shocks me. You make it seem easy, and by the time you are going to the podium for post game interview you have already put the game behind you. Will you be like other teams for once, and actually talk about enjoying a win instead of saying oh this doesn't matter to us anymore we are already thinking about (insert any of New Englands opponents here). There are more reasons why I hate them, but you can read about them later on.

There Had To Be A Time When The Patriots Weren't Hated Right?
I mean seriously there had to be a time in the new millennium where we sports fans didn't hate the Patriots. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy for them when they won their first Super Bowl over the St. Louis Rams. I had no problem when Bill Parcells was coaching New England. Back in the days when Drew Bledsoe was actually good. When exactly did us sports fans starter hating the Patriots? Was it after their second Super Bowl? Their Third? This year when they got a whole bunch of talent through trades and free agency? I don't know exactly when I started not liking the Patriots, but I know it is a hate that runs deep.

Top Ten Reasons Why Sports Fans Hate The New England Patriots
Yeah I decided to make a list of reasons why we as sports fans hate the New England Patriots. For one their are a few key reasons why we all hate the New England Patriots, but some of them might only pertain to me. Anyway without further adieu here is Gonners Views Top Ten Reasons Why Sports Fans Hate the New England Patriots.

#10 Because of Their Fans-Actually it is just Boston sports fans in general. Boston fans are cocky because all their major sports teams are thriving. The Red Soxs just won their second World Series in this decade, we know about the Patriots going for history, the Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now, and the Boston Bruins look rather good in the hockey world. Thus this is why they are rather cocky, and the first of many reasons why we hate the New England Patriots. Basically cause their fans won't shut up about them.

#9 New England Getting A Top Ten Draft Pick Even Though They Are In The Playoffs-Now this can be blamed on the San Fransisco 49ers. I couldn't find what the 49ers got for this pick but this is what the Patriots do best. They find great players in the draft (i.e Tom Brady in the 6th Round) and they make trades that help them get better. Who does New England really need? They are set on the offensive side of the ball, and their defense is not too shabby either. Bad 49ers don't give up your first round draft pick to the Patriots.

#8 The Patriots getting Randy Moss for a FOURTH round draft pick-Ok people stop trading with the New England Patriots. They got a scoring threat for a measly 4th round draft pick? Don't trade someone with Randy Moss's ability unless you get a first day draft pick or more. Maybe the dumbest trade ever by the Oakland and New England took advantage of the Raiders stupidity. Bad Raiders for giving the Patriots a deep threat in Randy Moss.

#7 They Run Up The Score-I mean really New England did you like making teams feel absolutely horrible by keeping your starters in while you had a 30 point lead. I mean did you really have to beat teams by more than 30 points? Did you really need to keep your starters in the game in the fourth quarter against the Redskins when you were already up 38-0 just so you could score one more touchdown to make you feel good about yourself. Did you really have to come out firing in the second half at Buffalo when you already had a 35-7 lead? No you really didn't.
#6 Because ESPN Loves Them-It seems like all season long you could go a day without hearing something about the New England Patriots. They have had that Pursuit of Perfection crap up ever since the end of September (and possibly longer than that I really don't know). I was almost certain that the media with all the attention they gave to the Patriots run at history would somehow trip them up. We can't go a day without hearing about the Patriots. Tom Brady this and Bill Belichick that. Randy Moss assulted someone, and Tom Brady is wearing a boot who the heck cares? ESPN is quickly turning into Entertainment Tonight with the main focus all the time being on the Brady Bunch.

#5 Spygate-Now before I get into this one, I don't think the Patriots is the only team doing this type of cheating in the NFL. However, they got caught because they were tattled on and that is another reason why we hated them. So how long did they video tape signals? Did it help them win their three Super Bowls? I really don't know. However, I do think the punishment fit the crime by taking away one of New Englands first round draft picks (they should of taken the 49ers one away from them) and a half million dollar fine. I don't know why the Patriots did it, but I have a feeling other teams are doing the exact same thing.

#4 Bandwagon Fans- Every loyal sports fans hate these two timing pricks. One day they like one team the next another. Now they have jump of New Englands historic run bandwagon, acting like they have been fans for years. Give me a break. Its bad to live in the midwest and see guys wearing Patriot merchandise and telling you that the Patriots are the best thing since sliced bread. These are the fans I hate more than the true Boston sports fan. Because actual Boston sports fans lived through all the bad times in the mid to late 90's when all their sports teams sucked. To all the Bandwagon fans out their stop being kiss asses and choose a real team to like. Because I hate to break it to you, the Patriots will not be good forever and they you will just have to move to another team later on and buying new stuff to "cover up" that you are actually a fake fan can get kind of expensive.

#3 Tom Brady- The pretty boy athlete is living the dream. He has superstar status in the NFL and is a guy the ladies go goo-goo for. I mean half the friends that are girls are Patriot fans just because Tom Brady is hot. Yes that maybe the dumbest reason to like a football team, but it is the truth. Honestly the reason I hate him is for his constant rumors that he is going to retire. I don't know if you have heard the newest rumors yet, but there is talk that he is going to retire after the season because he knows he can never beat 19-0. I like that one better than a few years ago when he was going to retire because he was bored and he was going to run for senate (or at least that is what I heard). Brady has drama written all over him, and it makes me sick.

#2 Bill Belichick- It's everything about him. The way he address the media, the way he shakes the oppenents coaches hand, we even hate that gray hoodie he wears in basically all weather conditions. He is a jerk to the media when they ask questions, he treats the opponents head coach with no respect, and, going along with reason #5, he also cheats and knew about it for some time and didn't stop it. I am pretty sure Belichick has a black hole where his heart is suppose to be. He really is the "Darth Vader" of the National Football League. When he decides to pass on the clipboard to someone else he may in fact be one of the most successful NFL coaches in history, but also maybe the most hated coach in history too.

#1 Because They Are A Dynasty- Bottom line we as sports fans hate when a team wins championships consistently. We like change. We were happy last year when Peyton finally won his first Super Bowl, and we would be happy to see the Giants win their first Super Bowl since 1990. But we are sick and tired of the Patiorts winning, especially by pulling it out in the last second. The Patriots have won their three Super Bowl by a combine 9 points. Yes all the Patriots Super Bowl wins have been by 3. Two of their three games they won it on last second field goals. So the sports fan in me hopes the Patriots lose by a field goal next Sunday in Arizona just so their can be some counterbalance in the sports universe.

Some day the Patriot dynasty will fall, and our hate for the Patriots will be less and less. However, until Tom Brady retires and Bill Belichick decides to hang up the clipboard the Patriots will be competing for the Super Bowl year in and year out. For that I say come on Giants, keep the Patriots from going undefeated.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Third Time Is A Charm For Tynes and The New York Giants

A 47 yard field goal stood in the way of the New York Giants, and a date with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42. It was that simple. However there was a problem, Lawrence Tynes had missed the previous two fields goals which would of given New York the lead. That and both field goals were closer than the one Tynes was about to attempt. The pressure was on. If Tynes misses this field goal he is the most hated person in the big apple, but if he makes it he redeems himself and is a self proclaimed hero. The snap good, the hold good, the kick straight down the middle. Lambeau field left stunned as the Giants, who basically kept Green Bay in the game down the stretch, went in and upset Brett Farve and the Packers. Now, just like a month ago, the 30 other football teams along with football fans outside of the Boston Massachusetts area will be rooting for the New York Giants as they are the final team in the way of the Patriots and the glory of being undefeated. Why is everyone behind the Giants you ask? Because No one wants to see Bill Belichick to hoist another Lombardi Trophy , no one wants to see Tom Brady win another Super Bowl MVP, and no one wants to see the Patriots go undefeated.

Giant's Playing Lights Out Since Round 1 With The Patriots.
Tom Coughlin deserves a contract extension for making the decision to play his starters in a "meaningless" game to try and stop the Patriots from making history. The Giants were already in the playoffs, and could of rested their starters in order for them to be fresh for the wildcard round of the playoffs. Instead, he looked at the game as a "must win", and pulled out all the trick in order to trip up the Patriots. It didn't look like Eli Manning was playing the Patriots night in late December. It looked like another Peyton Manning/Tom Brady classic battle. In his four years in the league, I have never seen Eli Manning play as good as he did that night. The crazy thing is he has managed to carry that momentum throughout the playoffs, being the only quarterback in the playoffs to not throw an interception. Manning has been rewarded with another shot at the all-mighty Patriots, but this time the game has much more meaning to it. If the Giants lose, the Patriots will be the first team in NFL history to go 19-0 in a season and will have won their fourth Super Bowl title of this decade. But if the Giants win, a sports nation will rejoice. Patriots haters everywhere will bow in front of their television sets, and thank the Giants for beating those damn Patriots.

Eli Proved He Is A Good Quarterback

Ok so if anyone read my last weeks column that said Eli Manning was mediocre, I would like to take that statement back. At the end of my column I said if he was able to beat the Green Bay Packers he would leave me speechless, and as Tynes 47 yard field goal went right down the middle of the goal posts thats what I was. I didn't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that Green Bay was going home. I didn't want to believe that just a year after his older brother Peyton made it to the Super Bowl, that little brother Eli would be playing for his first ring. I didn't want to write this and say hey Eli Manning is actually a good quarterback. Because you have to have a good quarterback in order to win on the road consistently in the NFL, especially in the playoffs. Forget that he played god awful in front of the home town Giants fans, going 3-5 in their 8 home games (including 4 straight). If you saw the Giants road to Super Bowl 42 then you would know that it was anything but a cake walk. The Giants played in three of the toughest stadiums to get there, and three good quarterbacks who were wanting their own playoff success story. They faced a Hall of Fame quarterback destined to end his storybook career with a win in the Super Bowl. They faced a gun slinging Cowboy, who up until the media swarmed him with questions about playing with little blond sticks watching, was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. They faced a traveled veteran who was looking for his chance at playoff stardom. Now the Giants face a man picked in the 6th round of the NFL draft, and might be the most successful playoff quarterback in NFL history. Can the Giants stop Tom Brady and the mighty Patriots? As the Giants have shown us throughout the playoffs, anything is possible.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love Him or Hate Him, Bob Knight is One Of The Best Coaches Ever

He has done it again. Bob Knight, already the winningest coach in division I mens college basketball, has reached yet another milestone. Last Wednesday, Knight won his 900th game as a head coach. A coaching career that started way back in the early 1960's, Bob Knight maybe best known for his coaching days at the University of Indiana. During his tenure at Indiana, Knight won three national championships, 11 Big Ten Titles, and coached the last team to go undefeated in college basketball. The only thing more famous than his accomplishments is Knight's outbursts.

Knights History of Outbursts

If you know college basketball, then you know Bob Knight has always had a history of anger problems. If you don't know, here is a list of some of his famous tirades. In 1985, Knight threw a chair across the court to dispute a referee's call during a game against Big Ten Rival Purdue. At a practice in 1991, Knight lashed out at his players. He said and I quote "You don't wanna play, then I'm getting the fuck out of here. I mean, if you're not gonna cover Greg Graham; if you're just gonna let him drive by you; if the rest of you are gonna let him catch the ball outside the three second lane and drive all the way in here without one guy challenging him, then I'm leaving and you fucking guys will run 'til you can't eat supper. Now I'm tired of this shit! I'm sick and fucking tired of an 8-10 record! I'm fucking tired of losing to Purdue!" There is more of the quote, but I think you get the picture. However his most famous tyraide, and the incident that ultimately lead to Knight's resignation came in 2000.

In April 2000, CNNSI showed a taped practice from 1997 that showed Knight choking one of his own players. In September of that same year, Bob Knight resigned and after a season off went to coach the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He is still with Texas Tech to this day. But the controversy and anger outbursts didn't stop there. In November of 2006, Knight was shown allegedly hitting player Michael Prince under the chin to get him to make eye contact. Prince went on to say Knight did nothing wrong. Finally in November of this past year, Knight was accused of firing a shotgun in the direction of a man after he yelled at Knight and another man for hunting too close to his home. The incident was caught on camera phone and was broadcasted on television.

Why Bob Knight Is A Great Teacher
What I love about Bob Knight is that he gets the most out of his players. He may not have a team filled with McDonald's All-Americans, but he has guys who play hard and play for the love of the game. In a college game that sees over half of its players leave college early for a chance at NBA fame, Bob Knights players stay and graduate. In fact Knight has always had a good percentage of his players graduate. He teaches them that there is more to life than basketball. Also he has assistant coaches and players who have gone on to have success as head coaches. Some of those assistants and players are: Mike Krzyzewski, Steve Alford, Mike Davis, and Isiah Thomas. He has taught the game of basketball to hundreds of mens, and has had immense amount of success wherever he has gone. Whether you love him or hate, you can't deny that Bob Knight is one of the best coaches in sports history.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eli Manning Playing Consistent At The Right Time

So anyone who knows me at all knows how hard of a column this is to write for me. I have to swallow my pride and actually give credit to a quarterback who I flat out despise. However, something clicked in the New York Giants locker room after that narrow 38-35 loss to the New England Patriots to end the regular season. Maybe Manning found some type of confidence in himself that he could finally play with those elite teams in the NFL. Maybe they feel they aren't as intimidated to the New York media anymore. Maybe his older brother Peyton said something.

Whatever happened though it turned my perception of Manning as a football player around (I still don't like him as a person) from a horrible quarterback to eh he's not bad. It started with the second quarter of the Giants 24-14 win at Tampa Bay two Saturdays ago. The Bucs had dominated the first quarter and led 7-0. Then the Giants started to get into a groove, scoring 24 straight points. Then last week, Manning led the Giants passed the #1 seeded Cowboys, a team that beat the Giants twice in the regular season. In the two playoff games, Eli has thrown 4 touch down passes and no interceptions.

Still Can't Get Over Draft Day Four Years Ago.
Ok so for the people who don't know me, here is the reason why I dislike Eli Manning as much as I do. Four years ago when Manning was coming into the league, the San Diego Chargers had the #1 pick in the draft. Considering Manning was the number one NFL prospect that year, the Chargers were planning on using their pick on him. When he learned this he went and had a press conference begging the Chargers not to pick him, and told San Diego if they did pick him that he would not sign with them. I really couldn't believe it. Now I am not a Chargers fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought what he did to the Chargers was rather snobbish. That and I absolutely hate players who think they are "too good" for a team. I mean really who do you think you are Eli, your not Joe Montana or Dan Marino. You are the younger brother of Peyton Manning, that doesn't give you the right to choose where you get to play at. I mean you should be privileged to even be getting a chance to play in the National Football League.

Now some say Eli's dad, Archie Manning, had something to do with Eli's decision. While that might be true, this is what I have to say to Eli. Are you going to let your daddy make every decision for you? Freaking grow a pair, and just accept that you were going to be riding the bench for the Chargers for a couple of years. Basically for all of you who don't know what happens the Chargers do pick Manning, but eventually trade him to the Giants for Phillip Rivers and 3 other draft picks, which the Chargers used to draft Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding (the other they traded away for left tackle Roman Oben). So far it looks like the Chargers ended up with the better part of that deal. Until this season, heck until three weeks ago Manning has never lived up to his potential. Both in their fourth season in the league, Rivers and Manning are both one game away from the Super Bowl. The kicker is that Rivers did it in his second year as a starting quarterback, Manning did it in his fourth.

Eli's Chances Of Getting To Super Bowl 42.
The Giants are 9-1 in ten road games this season, while the Packers are 9-1 at home. Something has got to give. If the Giants have a chance to win they will have to limit the turnovers like they have been, and make sure that Brett Farve doesn't get comfortable in the pocket. Ultimately the game is being played in Brett Farve's ice kingdom aka Lambeau Field, and with the tempature expected to be in the teens I think the Packers will pull it out. I do want to bring up that Green Bay won the regular season meeting at the Meadowlands 35-13, and that was without Ryan Grant being the primary running back. If Grant played like he did after the first five minutes of last weeks game, it is going to be hard for the Giants to compete. Bottom line Eli is going to have to pull some of his big brothers heroics if he is going to win on Sunday. Who knows maybe he can. If he does he will lead the Giants to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2001, and that will keep his critics (including me) speechless.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pete Carroll Would Be An Idiot To Leave USC

When I first heard that Pete Carroll was interested in talking to Arthur Blank about the coaching position for the Atlanta Falcons, I thought it was a joke. I mean you can't be serious right? Carroll wouldn't leave the dynasty he built in Southern California to go coach a disaster that is the Atlanta Falcons right? I understand an opportunity to coach a NFL team is a chance that doesn't come every day, but Carroll seems to have a pretty good job in California. He basically has a NFL team out their in California, especially since L.A hasn't had an NFL team since the Rams left for St. Louis. If I were Carroll, I wouldn't leave USC unless I was offered a job with his old team, the New England Patriots, or the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position. Because in my opinion, those are the only NFL teams that could beat USC year in an year out. Plus with his mediocre NFL coaching record why would he leave?
Carroll/Belichick both benefit from switch.
Who knew that when Carroll left the Patriots in 1999 that him and Bill Belichick would find success. So much success mind you that both coaches teams have the word Dynasty written all over them. Pete Carroll has won 6 straight Pac 10 titles, 2 National Championships, and is 5-1 in BCS games since taking over USC in 2001. His overall record at USC is 76-14. Not to mention he has one of the best recruiting classes year in and year out. Belichick has had the same type of success with New England. Since 2000, New England has only missed the playoffs twice. The Pats have won three Super Bowls, and this season went undefeated in the regular season for the first time since the Dolphins did it in 1972. Belichick's record in the post season is 14-3 including 7-0 in home playoff games. Both teams just don't lose very often. That is why I don't understand why Carroll would flirt with even the thought of coming back to the NFL. His record in the NFL is 33-31. It isn't bad but when you have a great record in the college ranks why leave?

Why Would the Falcons Want A College Coach?

This maybe more mind boggling to me then Carroll thinking about a return to the Pros. Did you not learn from your mistakes Atlanta? You just got screwed over by Bobby Petrino, and your first instinct is to go back to school to find your coach? I know you want a "sexy" name to coach your team after having a year to forget in 2007. However, you just got burned by a college coach, and I wouldn't go to college unless it was my last resort. If they burn you once shame on them, if they burn you twice shame on you Atlanta. Now I am not saying Carroll would leave you in the middle of the season, but he could leave if he didn't find instant success. Plus college coaches usually don't have great success in the pros. Just go out and get a proven winner in the pros. Marty Shottenheimer is still on the market, and we know he is a proven winner in the regular season. Look the Falcons are no where close to winning any playoff games, and for me I want to see improvement. A guy like Shottenheimer would bring some success in 2008. I wouldn't say they are going to go 8-8, but they need to improve on this years 4-12 record. I think it would be good for both Carroll and the Falcons to just shut these talks down and move on.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Believe Your Innocent Roger Clemens

Your innocent until proven guilty. That is one thing Roger Clemens reminded me during his 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night. Sometimes it is hard to remember that, especially when things are staked against someone. If you don't know what is going on by now Roger Clemen's trainer, Brian McNamee, told George Mitchell that Clemens took performance enhancing drugs a few times during his remarkable career. In the Mitchell reporter, over 80 players were named to have used some type of performance enhancing drugs during their career. Since its release it seems like every player named in that report has come out, and admitted to using some type of performance enhancing drug. Everyone except for Clemens. It took him a while, but he is finally defending his name and his Hall Of Fame resume. Actually, you can even forget about the HOF resume. To him it is not about the records, its about setting people straight. That right there is what I like about Roger Clemens. He could care less about the records, he just wants the respect he deserves. What makes it hard for people to take Clemens innocent plea seriously is because good friend and teammate Andy Pettitte did take HGH while recovering from shoulder surgery. McNamee was also Pettitte's trainer, and the person who gave Pettitte the HGH. Now Clemens is fight back by suing McNamee, and will testify to a federal grand jury to claim his innocence in early February.

How Can You Forget About His Records?
The stats don't lie, Clemens maybe the best pitcher to ever take the mound. He has 354 career wins, striking out 4,670 batters, and posting a career 3.12 earn run average, which helped him win 7 Cy Young Awards. Along with those accomplishments, Clemens also has 2 World Series Championships, and was named to the All Star game 11 times. All of that and his good name is on the line, all thanks to the Mitchell report. In this day an age with pitchers pitching less innings and overcoming injuries, we may never see a more accomplished pitcher like Clemens again.

Why I Believe Roger Clemens
Why I believe that he didn't take performance enhancing drugs is this. How could he play into his mid forties at the level he did with putting steroids in his body? The first time McNamee said Clemens used steroids was 1998. If he did take steroids in 1998, I don't think he would be playing baseball nine years later. Plus steroids bulk you up in a very short period of time. Clemens didn't seem like at anytime during his career that he was significantly more buff coming into spring training than he was in prior seasons. Clemens just seems to me like he is the type of person who wouldn't take any shortcuts. He is one of the hardest working people who has every played the game. The definition of a blue collar worker in sports to me. I don't care the he looks guilty, or in his interview he looked like he was hiding something. The fact is that Clemens is trying to clear his name. He did a national televised interview, he is going before congress, he is doing what everyone wants him to do. Now can everyone just lay off the guy, and believe that he is innocent until further notice? At least give the man who has played this game at a high level for two decades a little bit of respect. In the judicial system, your innocent until proven guilty. It isn't the other way around.

Monday, January 7, 2008

LSU Will Win The 2008 BCS Championship.

It is finally here, the BCS Championship Game. In less than 12 hours, a new champion in college football will be crowned. Now the big question, who will that team be? Lets meet the contestants. In the red corner, we have the number one team in the land for most of the 2007 regular season. Weighing in with a record of 11-1, and hailing from the Big Ten conference. The Ohio State Buckeyes. In the blue corner, we have one of the fastest and most athletic teams in the country. Weighing in with a record of 10-2, and hailing from the SEC conference. The LSU Tigers. Controversy yet again swirls over this game as LSU is the first ever two-loss team in the National Championship game. However, despite having lost those two games, LSU will win tonights National Championship Game.

Why The Tigers Will Win?
There is two reason's why LSU will win tonight. One history isn't on Ohio State's side. The Buckeyes are 0-8 lifetime against the SEC in bowl games. Last year, Florida torched Ohio State in the National Championship game. Its going to be the same script, just a different team taking the Buckeyes behind the woodshed. Why they will be taken behind the woodshed is because of Ohio State's layover. Ohio State's last game was against Michigan way back on November 17th of 2007. 51 days have passed since the last time Ohio State played a real football game. In my opinion, its equivalent to the 8 days of rest the Rockies got in this years playoffs before playing in the World Series. Expect Ohio State to come out rusty, and before they get things on a roll it will be too late to make a comeback. I know what your gonna say. LSU has had a long time to rest too. It helps LSU more in my opinion, because they have been beat up on defense all season long. Remember how they killed Virginia Tech 41-7 earlier this season. Thats what LSU's defense can do when they are healthy and they will be tonight. LSU will shut down Chris "Beanie" Wells, and Ohio State will be forced to be a one dimensional football team.

Final Score

I think LSU puts up 45 on the best defense in the country, and wins by a final score of 45-17. Remember tonight at 8pm EST on Fox LSU vs Ohio State for all the marbles.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Llyod Carr Goes Out On Top

It seemed unlikely that Michigan could beat Florida. The Wolverines have had problems with dual threat quarterbacks all season. Yet, Michigan slowed down Tim Tebow just enough to beat the Florida Gators 41-35 in the Capital One Bowl. Tebow, this years Heisman winner, couldn't lead Florida despite having a good game. He threw for 159 yards and three touchdowns and ran for just under 60 yards and another score. This is the third year in a row the Heisman winner lost his bowl game. More importantly, the Lloyd Carr era at Michigan ends on a high note. There is no better way for Carr to go out then with a win, especially during a season fill with significant losses and tons of criticism.

2007 Was A Disappointing Season For The Wolverines.

It started week one when Division 1AA Appalachian State came into the Big House, and stunned the nation with a 34-32 win on a last second block field goal. After dropping completely out of the polls, Oregon came in and took Michigan behind the woodshed and completely embarrassed the Wolverines 39-7. Then they got things back on track, winning 8 straight before losing the last two games of the regular season. There is only one loss that could hurt more than the one to Appalachian State and that loss was to Ohio State. This year was the fourth straight year the Wolverines were defeated by the Buckeyes. Many of the Michigan seniors came back just for a chance to beat the mighty Buckeyes, and have a shot at a national championship. Both dreams were dashed. Lloyd Carr all year took immense crap from talk show hosts and critics around the country. Now everyone who knows me knows I am a die hard Missouri Tigers fans, but I use to live in Ann Arbor Michigan for eight years of my life. Since that time, I have had a special place in my sports life for the Michigan Wolverines. They are my Big Ten team. So when talk show hosts were saying Carr should step down, I was pretty mad about it. Carr coached for years and led Michigan to national championships, and people want to throw him out on the streets? I couldn't believe it. Yesterday seeing him get the final win, and seeing his players carry him off the field was a great sight to see. Lloyd Carr is a great man, and one hell of a coach and I was happy to see him leave with a win.

The Future For Michigan.
Now that Rich Rodriguez is the coach of Michigan, Wolverine fans better be ready to see change. You won't see NFL Quarterbacks like Tom Brady coming out of Michigan any more. Instead, Michigan is moving to a spread offense, which needs quarterbacks to use their feet as much as they do their arm. I'd expect Ryan Mallet to transfer out of the program, because he is more of a pocket passer than he is a spread offense quarterback. What I am saying is Michigan fans need to be patient. It is going to take time for Rodriguez to get players into the program that can run the spread offense. However, when he does get the players, he is going to have a team that is going to be hard to beat. In seven seasons with West Virginia, Rodriguez put up a 60-26 record. He is a proven winner, and should be able to bring the Wolverines back to glory.