Monday, December 10, 2007

Vick got EXACTLY What He Deserved

It's finally over. Months after finally admitting to a handful of charges brought against him in his dog fighting case, we finally know how long the former Atlanta Falcon's star Michael Vick will be sitting behind bars. Henry Hudson threw the hammer down and sentenced Vick to 23 months in prison along with a 3 year probationary period. Some say the sentencing is too harsh because his co-defendents got only 18 and 21 months in prison. Others say its too lenient and to make an example of Vick by putting him away for more than 23 months. I think his punishment is just right.

Vick chose the wrong hobby.

Why is a guy who has one of the richest contracts in NFL history betting or even associating with anything having to do with dogfighting? If I had the opportunity to ask Michael Vick one question, it would be that. Vick had it all, the fame, the expensive houses, the big contract. Everything he had dreamed about growing up as a kid came true. He was seen as a role model to kids who didn't have a lot that their dreams could come true if they worked hard. Vick's rise to the NFL maybe one the most inspirational stories in history. However, no one will remember Vick for how he came into the NFL but for how he exited. For the past few years Vick had funded and ran a dog fighting kennel called Bad News Kennels. There Vick and a few of his business mates trained, fought, and even killed dogs who weren't preforming up to their standards. I have watched videos of dogfighting and it is a shocking site. How could anyone in this world kill dogs and let them actually tear themselves apart just to make money? The sad thing is Vick didn't need the money. He could of had another hobby. Maybe fishing isn't for him, but there has got to be some better way to spend your down time then letting innocent dogs virtually tear themselves to shreds just so you can make a pretty penny. What's even worse is that he wouldn't actually admit to the crime until he was backed into a corner. He covered it up until the last possible moment. That's why 23 months in prison is fitting in my mind.

Will Vick ever play in the NFL again?

I am man who thinks if you mess up you should get a second chance, so if it were up to me I would let Michael Vick play in the NFL when his prison sentence ends in October 2009. However it's not up to me. It's up to Roger Goodell. If Vick actually is reinstated though, its going to be hard for him to find employment. Falcon's owner Arthur Blank is done with his childish antics, because he put up with them for years. So who would give Vick a second chance in the NFL? The answer right now is no one. My guess is that Michael Vick will never play football again, and his feel good story on his rise to NFL stardom will forever be overshadowed by some mistakes he made off the gridiron. We won't know though if this is the end of Michael Vick sentence in October 2009. Until then the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons move on without him. Mike you did some bad things that I don't agree with, but you apologized for your actions and your going to jail for almost two years. Take that time to think about yourself and don't make the same mistake twice.

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