Monday, December 24, 2007

T.O Is The One With The Soap Opera In Big D, Not Romo

It has been absolutely sickening listening this week to the critics and ESPN analysts talk about Tony Romo's supposed soap opera in Dallas. If you haven't heard by now, Romo had his new girl friend Jessica Simpson in attendance during last weeks 10-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Romo happened to have the worst game of his young career, throwing for just 13 completions and three interceptions. Romo did have an injured thumb in that loss to the Eagles, but many people are shying away from it.
Instead, they are making comparisons to other times that Romo's girl friend was in the stands. Apparently last year he also had a bad game when he brought ex girl friend Carrie Underwood to the game. Coincidence? I guess, but really is it a distraction? Every quarterback has bad games, that is the up and down life of any superstar in any sport. How do you explain the botched hold in the playoff game in Seattle last January? Was Romo's girl friend then watching game in Seattle? My guess is it was highly unlikely. Stop talking about Romo having a soap opera. If anyone in the Cowboys locker room has a soap opera it is Terrell Owens, Romo's number one weapon with a big mouth.

T.O has a history of drama

Have people forgot the track record of T.O? This guy loves the spotlight on himself, and loves to destroy team chemistry. If you don't know T.O's history, here is a peek for you. On his way out of San Francisco, T.O told Playboy magazine that his former quarterback Jeff Garcia was a homosexual. When he demanded a trade out of San Francisco, he actually rejected a trade to join the Baltimore Ravens before becoming a free agent.
Then when he became a free agent the Philadelphia Eagles, who desperately needed a #1 wide receiver, took a chance on the talented wide receiver. Philadelphia wasn't ready for what T.O ultimately did, which was tearing their team completely apart. His first year with the Eagles was drama free as T.O helped Philadelphia to the Super Bowl before losing to New England. Then the fireworks began that off season. He demanded a raise during the 2005 off season, and called out Donovan McNabb implying that he was too tired during the closing minutes of the Super Bowl. The relationship between McNabb and T.O would not be the same. Then during the season he flapped his mouth even more and ultimately burned his bridge with Philadelphia. The Eagles ended up suspending T.O for the final four games of the regular season, and releasing him during the off season.
Then last season with the Dallas Cowboys he complained about not getting the ball enough, was a huge supporter of the bench Drew Bledsoe bandwagon, and had an apparent false alarm suicide attempt. Does that not sound like a soap opera to you? It sure does to me. What is sad is people love watching "As T.O Turns" that anything out of his mouth is front page material. I know I am a hypocrite for writing this column about T.O, but I needed to set things straight. Romo doesn't have the soap opera T.O does. Get it right!

When the Entertainment World Collides with the Sports World.
The one thing I love about sports is that we don't have to hear about this who is dating who, who is leaving who trash that the entertainment world thrives on. Don't get me wrong their is drama in sports, but we don't make a big deal that some pop singers sister is pregnant at 16 years old. Yes, that was a shot at Britney Spear's sister. I know one of the drives for guys play sports, especially football, is to get girls. There were some who were playing for the love of it, but I am sure not everyone practices 100% everyday because they love playing the game. Many are waiting for Friday night, to showcase themselves under the lights and get some ass after the final whistle is blown. Its the way it has been for years, and I don't think it is going to end anytime soon I am afraid.
So Tony is dating Jessica Simpson. Who cares? If she was distraction then Romo has some serious problems. My guess was his thumb was bothering him. I think your thumb would hurt to if it was hit hard by a football helmet. Just shut up about Jessica Simpson, she doesn't play the game, thus has no reason to be mention in the sports world. End of story!

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