Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tebow Should Win The Heisman

Forget that he is a sophomore. Forget that his team isn't playing for the National Championship. Just look at the stats. Based on the stats Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow deserves to win this years Heisman Trophy. Tebow, 6-3 235 pounds out of St. Augustine, Florida has played larger than life, in a season that saw him having not only expectations to meet, but shoes to fill as well. Chris Leak, a four year starter at Florida, shared time with Tebow last year during the Gators run to the National Championship. Leak and most of the Gator defensive starters from last year are gone, putting the spotlight right on Tebow.

The Definition Of A Heisman Winner.
People tend to forget what actually defines a Heisman winner. Its not who played on a winning football team, but for the most outstanding player in college football. If that player happens to be from a team playing in the National Championship then its alright to give the award to them. However, you should discredit someone who is very deserving of the award just because they are on a team who has lost a few times over the course of a season. You also should discriminate against a person's age either. In the 72 times the Heisman Trophy has been award not once has it gone to an underclassman, it has always gone to either a junior or senior. Tebow has a chance to make history.

Look at the Stats
The stats show the amazing athletic skills Tebow has shown this season. A season were Florida didn't have a true running back, Tebow took that load on his shoulders. What would happen was something never achieved by any quarterback in history. Tebow became the first ever Division 1 quarterback to pass and run for over 20 touchdowns in one single season. Whats even more impressive is that he broke the SEC single season rushing touchdown mark. Here's a look at Tebow's stats.

217 Completions 317 Attempts 3,123 Yards 29 Touchdowns 6 Interceptions

*Has four less Interceptions than Chase Daniel and eight less than Colt Brennan
*Also has a better passer rating the than both Daniel and Brennan

194 Attempts 838 Yards 22 Touchdowns

*Has seven more rushing touchdowns then Darren McFadden.

In a season that saw so much craziness week in and week out, why not give the Heisman Trophy to an underclassman for the first time in history. 51 total touchdowns in one season is a feat that may never be done again. Oh and did I mention he did it in the toughest conference in college football. He put up these numbers against teams like LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, do I really need to go on? Forget that he is a sophomore. Forget that he is not playing in the National Championship. Look at the stats and vote Tebow for Heisman. Because the award is suppose to go to the best player in college football, and well that no doubt is the quarterback from Florida.

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