Monday, December 3, 2007

College Football Needs A Playoff….Period!

In a season where there seems to be a Top 5 team losing every week, we finally know who is going to play for the National Championship. Ohio State and LSU will play for all the marbles on January 7th in New Orleans. But do they really deserve it though? Ohio State hasn’t played since November 17th , and is in the championship game because everyone in front of them lost. LSU is the first ever two loss team in the BCS championship game, while undefeated Hawaii and one loss Kansas get overlooked. The BCS over the past couple of years has been diminishing before our very eyes. Reports I have read said the computer put Virginia Tech as the number one team, and the committee had to put Ohio State and LSU in front of the Hokies.

An Undefeated team not in the championship? Really?
Hawaii is the only undefeated team in Division I football this season, and until two weeks ago was thought to be left out of the BCS bowl discussion. No one has even discussed the possibility of the Rainbow Warriors of playing for the title. Hawaii plays in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), the same conference as Boise State. The WAC conference is one of the weaker conferences in college football, but has seen great teams emerge from their conference. Take last year for example. Boise State went to the Fiesta Bowl, and shocked the college football world by beating Bob Stoops and Oklahoma. The Broncos were also undefeated and we left out of the championship game, while a one loss Florida team played in place of them. Boise State proved they could play with the big boys, and it looked as if the BCS Bowls were all but gone and would be replaced by a playoff. Instead, they kept the system and during a season where all the major title contenders have lost, Hawaii has not. Yet they are left out of the championship game because of their weak conference and non conference schedule. Now is that fair to punish a team just because of the conference they are in? Some people say that Hawaii had a soft non conference schedule and played nobody. It’s not Hawaii’s fault they can’t get the Ohio State’s and the Florida’s of the world to play them. They were suppose to play at the Big House this September against Michigan, but the Wolverines passed on them for Division I AA foe Appalachian State. Hawaii also has wanted to schedule USC, but the Trojan’s scheduled WAC foe Idaho instead of Hawaii. Hawaii played the teams who would play them. How can you punish them for that?

BCS Mess? That may be an understatement!
Kansas gets a BCS bid over Missouri after the Jayhawks lose to the Tigers just a week ago, not playing any team with an AP poll vote, and finishing two spots behind Missouri in the BCS polls. Are you kidding me? Tiger fans have every right to be upset right now. Also, Illinois making a Rose Bowl appearance after Ohio State gets pushed up to the National Championship game. If you ask me that bid should have been open for at large teams like Arizona State and Missouri to play in before the Illini. Plus, how can you have a two loss team in championship over an undefeated team and a one loss team? You know what needs to happen, there needs to be a playoff. A sixteen team tournament to see who really is the national champion. If I had my own playoff, this is how it would look.

1) Ohio State (11-1 (7-1 Big Ten Champ))

16) BYU (10-2 (8-0 MWC Champ))

8) Kansas (11-1 (7-1 Big 12 At Large))

9) West Virginia (10-2 (5-2 Big East Champ))

4) Virginia Tech (10-2 (6-1 ACC Champ))

13) Illinois (9-3 (6-2 Big 10 At Large))

5) Georgia (10-2 (6-2 SEC At Large))

12) Florida (9-3 (5-3 SEC At Large))

3) Oklahoma (11-2 (6-2 Big 12 Champs))

14) Boston College (10-3 (6-2 ACC At Large))

6) Missouri (11-2 (7-2 Big 12 At Large))

11) Arizona State (10-2 (7-2 Pac-10 At Large))

7) USC (10-2 (7-2 Pac-10 Champs))

10) Hawaii (12-0 (7-0 WAC Champs))

2) LSU (10-2 (6-2 SEC Champs))

15) Clemson (9-3 (5-3 ACC At Large))

There is only one rematch from the regular season in the first round, and I think it gives some intriguing matchups throughout the playoffs. That way the small teams like Hawaii and BYU get their chance to play the big boys for a change. It doesn’t even have to be this big of a bracket, but if we don’t have a playoff we will still have this problem year in and year out. We can start the tournament a week after the regular season is over that way teams can get rested up and are fresh for the tournament. You don’t need a month to get ready for a football game. Teams seem to get rusty after that long of a layover. Bottom line get rid of the bowls and lets get a playoff system.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself buddy. This BCS crap is NOT a good system AT ALL. Hawaii, undefeated, #10. #6 Missouri gets left out of all BCS bowls, while #13 Illinois, a team that Missouri beat, takes their place, regardless of the fact that the other 9 top 10 teams made it in. LSU, after losing to unranked Arkansas, plays in the championship? This is definitely the worst BCS year I've seen to date, and this should confirm everybody's thoughts that college football, like nearly every other sport, truly needs a playoff system, and 16 games is what I was thinking as well.