Thursday, December 27, 2007

All The Redskins Want For Christmas Is A Playoff Spot

This post is dedicated to Sean Taylor, may he rest in peace. On December 2nd the Redskins chances of making the playoffs looked all but impossible to achieve. The team was 5-7 and looking for answers. The very next day they laid to rest Sean Taylor, their starting safety who was shot and killed in his Miami home on November 27th. It is hard enough to make the playoff without losing a member of your football family, and the Redskins have had to do just that for the past month. Somehow, someway this team is finding a way to win and are now just one win away from making the playoffs. After Taylor died I thought the team was done. I didn't think a team could come back from something so traumatic as a death and actually make a push for the playoffs.

Redskins overcoming more than just loss of Taylor.

Just three days after laying Taylor to rest, the Redskins were playing at home against the struggling Chicago Bears. You know the saying things have to get worse before they can get better, well the Redskins suffered yet another blow. Starting quarterback Jason Campbell went down with injury in the first quarter, leaving the reigns to Todd Collins who has been a primary backup since he left Buffalo over ten years ago. Right then something clicked. I don't know what, but they Redskins didn't throw in the towel. Instead, Collins threw for 224 yards and two touchdowns and lead Washington to a 24-16 win. The next week Collins made his first start in over 10 years against the New York Giants. He didn't have a good game, but the defense stepped up and the Redskins came away with a 22-10 win. This last Sunday they played at Minnesota, where the hot Vikings were one win away from clinching the final playoff spot. Surely this is where the Redskins magically streak would end right? Guess again. The Redskins held the Vikings scoreless in the first half, on their way to a 32-21 victory. Adrian Peterson, the Vikings rookie sensation running back, was held to 29 yards rushing. Now the Redskins has the world believing they can do it.

The Redskins Potential

It isn't a stretch to think this team can make it all the way to the NFC Championship game. I know I am getting a little bit ahead of myself, but with the way the Redskins are playing right now they can run through the NFC, and upset some of the conference's elite. With a win against the Cowboys, the Redskins are in. With the Cowboys having home field wrapped up, I think they rest their starters and the Redskins take care of business. They would more than likely play at Seattle in the wild card round. The Seahawks have played so inconsistent that I think the Redskins go in and upset them. Next would be against the Cowboys in Dallas. Earlier this year, the Redskins almost came away with a victory at Texas Stadium. This time I think they can do it. They have the defense to keep the game close, and I think they shock Cowboy fans and win. I do however think they will lose to the Packers. However if Green bay has an off day, the Redskins could go and play for the Super bowl. Anything can happen. All I know is, I don't want to play the Redskins right now.

Gibbs Doing a Great Job Coaching
If there was a second half coach of the year award, Gibb would win it hands down. How his team has been able to play with pain, and go into hostile environments like the Meadowlands and the Metrodome and come away with victories back to back weeks is mind boggling. There is no "How To" manual when dealing with death. A coaches job is hard enough, but what do you tell you players in order to coup with a death? Each person deals with it differently. There is no speech that I know that will automatically take all the pain of losing someone away. If there is I would like a copy. There have been great stories this year, but if the Redskins can make the playoffs on Sunday it will be the greatest of the year. Get it done Redskins, I am pulling for ya.
RIP Sean Taylor #21.

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