Monday, December 31, 2007

Ron Zook Getting Much Deserved Love

Seeing as this is going to be my last column for 2007, I thought it was fitting to first wish everyone a Happy New Year. One person who has had a great 2007 has to be Ron Zook. Once the hated coach at the University of Florida, Zook has finally found a home in Illinois. This season has been the best season for the Illini since 2001, when they finished 10-2. From 2003 to 2006, Illinois lost 30 of 32 conference games. They went from having a 2-10 record last year to 9-3 and has a birth in the Rose bowl New Years Day on ABC against the USC Trojans. Zook's efforts were rewarded with the Liberty Mutual coach of the year award. Zook has turned around a team that a couple of years ago could barely win a game, to Big Ten title contenders in just two years.

Zook is An Amazing Recruiter.
In 2002, Zook took over the Florida Gators and in three years complied a 23-14 record. A record most teams would see as a pretty good record. It didn't sit well with Gator fans, and Zook was sent packing and replaced by Urban Meyer. In Meyer's first season, he lead the Gators to the National Championship where the Gators defeated Ohio State 42-14. Twenty two of the twenty four starters in that National Championshp were recruited by Zook. Now he is building a great team in Champaign. His first year his recruiting class included Isiah "Juice" Williams, considered one of the best quarterback prospects of 2006. Juice is now a huge part of the Illini's offensive game plan, and was a big reason why Illinios beat Ohio State in Columbus in early November. Now Illinois has the 16th best recruiting class in the country for 2008 thanks to Zook. Not bad for a team that in 2006 went 2-10. Watch out Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Illinois is about to move up and challenge you every year for the Big Ten Title.

Rose Bowl Notes and Expectations

Despite Illinois good year, I believe they have no business being in the Rose Bowl this season. For one Illinois has lost three games. Now don't take this the wrong way losing three games is a great season, but they should be in a big New Years Day bowl, not the five biggest bowl games of the season. Missouri, one of the three teams that beat the Illini, had a better record the Illinois and was left out of the BCS. The Tigers should have that spot over the Illini in my opinion. It is like the head to head match up didn't even matter. I know the Rose Bowl likes to go with the traditional Big Ten vs PAC 10 match up, but does the Big Ten really deserve to have two teams in the BCS this year? They were one of the most underachieving conferences this year. Illinois is the bright spot in the Big Ten this year, but no three loss team has ever made a BCS at large bid. What did Illinois do to deserve it? Anyway enough of me ranting lets get to the game against USC. I think USC wins by at least 20. Illinois is a good running team and USC is good at stopping the run. The Trojans should have no problem beating, but that shouldn't take away from what the Illini have been able to do this season. In a couple of years this team could be playing for a national title, and it will all be thanks to Ron Zook.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All The Redskins Want For Christmas Is A Playoff Spot

This post is dedicated to Sean Taylor, may he rest in peace. On December 2nd the Redskins chances of making the playoffs looked all but impossible to achieve. The team was 5-7 and looking for answers. The very next day they laid to rest Sean Taylor, their starting safety who was shot and killed in his Miami home on November 27th. It is hard enough to make the playoff without losing a member of your football family, and the Redskins have had to do just that for the past month. Somehow, someway this team is finding a way to win and are now just one win away from making the playoffs. After Taylor died I thought the team was done. I didn't think a team could come back from something so traumatic as a death and actually make a push for the playoffs.

Redskins overcoming more than just loss of Taylor.

Just three days after laying Taylor to rest, the Redskins were playing at home against the struggling Chicago Bears. You know the saying things have to get worse before they can get better, well the Redskins suffered yet another blow. Starting quarterback Jason Campbell went down with injury in the first quarter, leaving the reigns to Todd Collins who has been a primary backup since he left Buffalo over ten years ago. Right then something clicked. I don't know what, but they Redskins didn't throw in the towel. Instead, Collins threw for 224 yards and two touchdowns and lead Washington to a 24-16 win. The next week Collins made his first start in over 10 years against the New York Giants. He didn't have a good game, but the defense stepped up and the Redskins came away with a 22-10 win. This last Sunday they played at Minnesota, where the hot Vikings were one win away from clinching the final playoff spot. Surely this is where the Redskins magically streak would end right? Guess again. The Redskins held the Vikings scoreless in the first half, on their way to a 32-21 victory. Adrian Peterson, the Vikings rookie sensation running back, was held to 29 yards rushing. Now the Redskins has the world believing they can do it.

The Redskins Potential

It isn't a stretch to think this team can make it all the way to the NFC Championship game. I know I am getting a little bit ahead of myself, but with the way the Redskins are playing right now they can run through the NFC, and upset some of the conference's elite. With a win against the Cowboys, the Redskins are in. With the Cowboys having home field wrapped up, I think they rest their starters and the Redskins take care of business. They would more than likely play at Seattle in the wild card round. The Seahawks have played so inconsistent that I think the Redskins go in and upset them. Next would be against the Cowboys in Dallas. Earlier this year, the Redskins almost came away with a victory at Texas Stadium. This time I think they can do it. They have the defense to keep the game close, and I think they shock Cowboy fans and win. I do however think they will lose to the Packers. However if Green bay has an off day, the Redskins could go and play for the Super bowl. Anything can happen. All I know is, I don't want to play the Redskins right now.

Gibbs Doing a Great Job Coaching
If there was a second half coach of the year award, Gibb would win it hands down. How his team has been able to play with pain, and go into hostile environments like the Meadowlands and the Metrodome and come away with victories back to back weeks is mind boggling. There is no "How To" manual when dealing with death. A coaches job is hard enough, but what do you tell you players in order to coup with a death? Each person deals with it differently. There is no speech that I know that will automatically take all the pain of losing someone away. If there is I would like a copy. There have been great stories this year, but if the Redskins can make the playoffs on Sunday it will be the greatest of the year. Get it done Redskins, I am pulling for ya.
RIP Sean Taylor #21.

Monday, December 24, 2007

T.O Is The One With The Soap Opera In Big D, Not Romo

It has been absolutely sickening listening this week to the critics and ESPN analysts talk about Tony Romo's supposed soap opera in Dallas. If you haven't heard by now, Romo had his new girl friend Jessica Simpson in attendance during last weeks 10-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Romo happened to have the worst game of his young career, throwing for just 13 completions and three interceptions. Romo did have an injured thumb in that loss to the Eagles, but many people are shying away from it.
Instead, they are making comparisons to other times that Romo's girl friend was in the stands. Apparently last year he also had a bad game when he brought ex girl friend Carrie Underwood to the game. Coincidence? I guess, but really is it a distraction? Every quarterback has bad games, that is the up and down life of any superstar in any sport. How do you explain the botched hold in the playoff game in Seattle last January? Was Romo's girl friend then watching game in Seattle? My guess is it was highly unlikely. Stop talking about Romo having a soap opera. If anyone in the Cowboys locker room has a soap opera it is Terrell Owens, Romo's number one weapon with a big mouth.

T.O has a history of drama

Have people forgot the track record of T.O? This guy loves the spotlight on himself, and loves to destroy team chemistry. If you don't know T.O's history, here is a peek for you. On his way out of San Francisco, T.O told Playboy magazine that his former quarterback Jeff Garcia was a homosexual. When he demanded a trade out of San Francisco, he actually rejected a trade to join the Baltimore Ravens before becoming a free agent.
Then when he became a free agent the Philadelphia Eagles, who desperately needed a #1 wide receiver, took a chance on the talented wide receiver. Philadelphia wasn't ready for what T.O ultimately did, which was tearing their team completely apart. His first year with the Eagles was drama free as T.O helped Philadelphia to the Super Bowl before losing to New England. Then the fireworks began that off season. He demanded a raise during the 2005 off season, and called out Donovan McNabb implying that he was too tired during the closing minutes of the Super Bowl. The relationship between McNabb and T.O would not be the same. Then during the season he flapped his mouth even more and ultimately burned his bridge with Philadelphia. The Eagles ended up suspending T.O for the final four games of the regular season, and releasing him during the off season.
Then last season with the Dallas Cowboys he complained about not getting the ball enough, was a huge supporter of the bench Drew Bledsoe bandwagon, and had an apparent false alarm suicide attempt. Does that not sound like a soap opera to you? It sure does to me. What is sad is people love watching "As T.O Turns" that anything out of his mouth is front page material. I know I am a hypocrite for writing this column about T.O, but I needed to set things straight. Romo doesn't have the soap opera T.O does. Get it right!

When the Entertainment World Collides with the Sports World.
The one thing I love about sports is that we don't have to hear about this who is dating who, who is leaving who trash that the entertainment world thrives on. Don't get me wrong their is drama in sports, but we don't make a big deal that some pop singers sister is pregnant at 16 years old. Yes, that was a shot at Britney Spear's sister. I know one of the drives for guys play sports, especially football, is to get girls. There were some who were playing for the love of it, but I am sure not everyone practices 100% everyday because they love playing the game. Many are waiting for Friday night, to showcase themselves under the lights and get some ass after the final whistle is blown. Its the way it has been for years, and I don't think it is going to end anytime soon I am afraid.
So Tony is dating Jessica Simpson. Who cares? If she was distraction then Romo has some serious problems. My guess was his thumb was bothering him. I think your thumb would hurt to if it was hit hard by a football helmet. Just shut up about Jessica Simpson, she doesn't play the game, thus has no reason to be mention in the sports world. End of story!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Get Back To Glory, The Knicks need To Throw Isiah To The Curb

What happened to the New York Knicks? Once a great organization has fell into hole of mediocrity that they can't seem to get out of. It seems like ever since Isiah Thomas, a former Hall of Fame point guard for the Detroit Pistons, took over in the front office things have slowly declined. Before Thomas, the Knicks were playing in the playoffs every single year. They were the cream of the crop along with Jordan and the Bulls. Now the Knicks are way below .500, and are searching for answers. Thomas thinks it is time for a change and he is right. However, he thinks it is time to switch up the line up because his players aren't giving 100%. While I agree that statement, I also think it's time for Thomas to hit the road.

Thomas has built a monster.
One thing that Thomas has never learned from is he extremely overpays mediocre talent. He has built himself a team from the ground up that was destined to fail. He has a point guard who is a proven loser in Stephon Marbury, who is probably the teams best scorer and is being paid over 20 million dollars a year for him to wear a Knick's jersey. He traded high valued draft picks to get Eddy Curry from the Bulls. He is paying over 5 million dollars a year for players like Malik Rose, Jerome James, and Jared Jeffries. All of those players, I might add, are averaging less than 3 points a game. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. This team has close to a 89 million dollar payroll this season. Just to give you a glance at how outrageous the Knicks payroll is, here are some of the playoff contenders 2007/2008 payrolls. The Detroit Pistons have a payroll of just over 65 million dollars. The Boston Celtics, despite having three super stars on their team, have a payroll of just under 75 million dollars. Finally the San Antoino Spurs, the NBA dynasty of this decade and last years NBA Champions, have a payroll of just under 70 million dollars. This Knicks team reminds me of a bad version of the New York Yankees. George Steinbrenner is about winning at all costs. Steinbrenner, like Thomas, has overpaid players during his time with the Yankees. At least Steinbrenner's gets his team to the playoffs consistently. The Knicks haven't been to the playoffs since 2003, and they way things look they won't be back for a very long time. In order for this problem of overpaying players to stop, the Knicks need to cut ties with Thomas.

How to fix the problem
Besides canning Thomas, the first thing I would do is let go of Maurbury. He has a problem being a team player, and that is not someone I would like on my team. Second, let the outrageous contracts on these players expire. It is projected that in the 2009/2010 season, the Knicks will no longer have Maurbury and Rose under contract, and a handful of players have options to opt out of their contract. If I am the Knicks, I let the players walk. It would free up some cap room, so you can go get a proven veteran player in free agency. Finally, I would build through the draft. Next years draft has a bounty of talented young players, many of which who are NBA ready, that can step in and produce. This team needs to get younger. If the Knicks do those three things, it isn't a stretch to think this team can compete again after the 2010 season. Knick fans just have to be patient. It all has to start with the release of Isiah Thomas. If that doesn't happen, professional basketball as we know it in New York will continue to slowly die.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Listen Up: The New England Patriots Won't Go Undefeated

It has been the hot question in the 2007 NFL season. Will the New England Patriots go undefeated? So many people have compared Bill Belicheks team to that of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only team in NFL history to go undefeated. Some people even think this years New England team is the best team in NFL history. With two games left to go in the regular season, New England has passed the test to this point. However, the 2007 New England Patriot team won't go 19-0 or win this years Super Bowl.

So who is going to knock off the Pats?
Unfortunately for Patriot haters, it won't be in the regular season. The last two team on New England's schedule are the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. The Dolphins, up until yesterday, were winless and as much as I would love to see the Dolphins knock off the Patriots they won't. People think the Giant's are a trendy upset pick. The only way the Giant's beat the Patriots is if the Patriots beat themselves. I am sick and tired of people telling me the Giant's are a good football team. There defense is good, but their offense is bad. Eli Manning isn't living up to great expectation's when he demanded that he go somewhere other than San Diego in 2004. Not to mention, he has a horrible corp of wide receivers who drops way too many balls, and they have played ring around the running back carousel since Tiki Barber retired last year.

So when will they lose? New England will get to the Super Bowl, and will be huge favorites to win it all. Here's where I think they stumble. When they Patriots won their first Super Bowl back in 2002, New England was a huge underdog to the Rams. As we all know they prevailed thanks to a last second Adam Vinatieri field goal. This time the Pats will be huge favorites to win against the Green Bay Packers, and they will trip up. Brett Farve wins it all, and officially retires at the end of the game. Laugh now but the Packers are playing excellent football all year long, and have a chance to end the season 14-2. The Packers have a slew of great young receivers, and Ryan Grant seems to have all but solved Green Bay's running problem. Not to mention they have a tenacious defense that seems to get better each week. Watch out for the Packers in this years playoffs.

Will anyone go undefeated again?

The answer is no. It is hard to go an entire season without losing at least one game. Injuries and constant media attention have hurt past teams, and ultimately may kill New England's chances this year. They have dealt win the media pressure fine, but they haven't had to deal with a significant injury. Some where in the playoffs or even in the next two weeks, I see someone big going down for the Patriots. This is one thing I don't see the Patriots recovering from. I don't know how the 1972 Dolphins did it, but they wrote history that will never be seen again.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

College Coaches Cannot Be Trusted.

On Tuesday, just one day after the Atlanta Falcons organization lost to the Saints 34-14 and saw their former star Michael Vick get sentenced in his dogfighting charges, the Falcons took yet another hit. Bobby Petrino, into his first year of his five year-24 million dollar contract, resigned and went back to the college ranks by becoming the new head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. His stint with the Falcons is the shortest lived NFL coaching career with one team since Pete McCulley was fired after starting out 1-8 with San Francisco in 1978. What makes this situation sickening is that this seems to be common theme with coaches who leave the college ranks to pursue NFL success, only to see them go back to college when the going gets tough.

Petrino didn't just screw over the Falcons.

Bobby Petrino was the man at the University of Louisville last year. He led the Cardinals to an Orange Bowl victory over Wake Forest. Petrino seemed to have a team poised to make a run for the National Championship this season, until he decided to make the jump to the NFL and be the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. This put a lot of pressure on Louisville's talented juniors to choose whether to go pro or go back and play for a new head coach. One of those juniors was Brian Brohm, Louisville's quarterback, who was projected to be one of the first quarterbacks taken in the 2007 draft. Brohm ultimately decided to come back to school under new head coach Steve Kragthorpe, who came over from Tulsa. Louisville went from a top ten team to not even getting a bowl invite this season.
Meanwhile in Atlanta, just before Michael Vick got indicted on dog fighting charges, Petrino and the Falcons trade away prized back up quarterback Matt Schaub to the Texans for a draft pick. At the time, they didn't know Vick wouldn't be playing this season. When they got that news, the Falcon's season went by the wayside. The Falcons went 3-10 under Petrino before he waved the white flag and resigning. The Falcons have every reason to be mad, but if I am a Louisville fan, I am also disgusted by Petrino's move. I'm not even a Cardinal or Falcon fan and I am upset with Petrino's decision. He stabbed the back of all the Falcon personnel and the Falcon fans. He flat out gave up on his team, plain and simple. At the very least, Petrino should have the decency to coach the last few games for the Falcons. Instead, he left them high and dry and the Falcon's have to try and play the rest of the season without a full-time head coach. As far as Cardinal fans are concerned, Louisville might be playing in another BCS bowl game, or maybe even the National Championship right now if Petrino wouldn't have left. Unfortunately for Cardinal fans, we will never know.
Word of advice, Petrino; next time try sticking around for a full season before jumping ship. Another thing I would suggest is don't lie about taking a job, it makes you even more slimy than you already are when you lie to your boss. Also be a man, and actually go stand in front of your players and tell them you are leaving. Don't write a letter telling them you are leaving and wishing them well, because they don't wish the same for you. Oh, and one more thing, if you ever do play Louisville while you are at Arkansas don't expect a warm welcome because I can assure you that you won't get one. Finally, to all the Arkansas fans out there in the world. I really do hope Petrino gives you what you want in the next two seasons, because once a bigger and better job opens up, you can bet Bobby Petrino will be interested and won't hesitate to take it. In fact, I am so confident that he will screw over Razorbacks, I am interested to see when Petrino decides to stick the knife in Arkansas's back. It's what Petrino does, and he is very good at it.

There needs to be some sort of punishment.

Petrino isn't the first college coach to jump the the NFL only to go back to school. Lou Holtz did almost the exact same thing to the New York Jets back in the 1970's. He left NC State to go coach the Jets, and after going 3-10, he resigned and went on to go coach the Arkansas Razorbacks. Steve Spurrier left the University of Florida to coach the Washington Redskins, only to resign two years later and go coach Florida's rival South Carolina. I first realized that this was becoming a real problem last year. Last year when Nick Saban, the head coach of the Miami Dolphins and former LSU coach, decided to go back to school and signed to be the next head coach at SEC rival Alabama. This came after countless times denying that he was interested in the Alabama job. LSU fans still are angry at Saban for the move, and you can expect Saban to hear about it when the Tide travel to Baton Rouge next year. While Saban is at Alabama, Miami is having the worst season in franchise history, losing their first 13 games and is on the brink of becoming the first team to go 0-16 in NFL history. This just goes to show that college coaches can't be trusted. I think there must be a rule in place for all head coaches in the NFL to be punished for leaving your team before your contract is up. If I had the power, I would ban the coach and never let them coach another NFL team. It's like coaches can come and go as they please right now and that just isn't fair. The Falcon's expected Petrino to guide them through the black cloud over them and he left them. He lied to Arthur Blank about being here for the Falcons. So what if it is a better college coaching job then the one you previously had? It doesn't justify you screwing your current team over. The Falcons have had enough to deal with. They were expecting Petrino to lead them to better days, and now he just put another dent in the Falcon's already beaten-up ship. Justice needs to be served in some way or college coaches will keep taking NFL jobs and leaving when they realize that it's just a tad bit difficult. It needs to start now.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Vick got EXACTLY What He Deserved

It's finally over. Months after finally admitting to a handful of charges brought against him in his dog fighting case, we finally know how long the former Atlanta Falcon's star Michael Vick will be sitting behind bars. Henry Hudson threw the hammer down and sentenced Vick to 23 months in prison along with a 3 year probationary period. Some say the sentencing is too harsh because his co-defendents got only 18 and 21 months in prison. Others say its too lenient and to make an example of Vick by putting him away for more than 23 months. I think his punishment is just right.

Vick chose the wrong hobby.

Why is a guy who has one of the richest contracts in NFL history betting or even associating with anything having to do with dogfighting? If I had the opportunity to ask Michael Vick one question, it would be that. Vick had it all, the fame, the expensive houses, the big contract. Everything he had dreamed about growing up as a kid came true. He was seen as a role model to kids who didn't have a lot that their dreams could come true if they worked hard. Vick's rise to the NFL maybe one the most inspirational stories in history. However, no one will remember Vick for how he came into the NFL but for how he exited. For the past few years Vick had funded and ran a dog fighting kennel called Bad News Kennels. There Vick and a few of his business mates trained, fought, and even killed dogs who weren't preforming up to their standards. I have watched videos of dogfighting and it is a shocking site. How could anyone in this world kill dogs and let them actually tear themselves apart just to make money? The sad thing is Vick didn't need the money. He could of had another hobby. Maybe fishing isn't for him, but there has got to be some better way to spend your down time then letting innocent dogs virtually tear themselves to shreds just so you can make a pretty penny. What's even worse is that he wouldn't actually admit to the crime until he was backed into a corner. He covered it up until the last possible moment. That's why 23 months in prison is fitting in my mind.

Will Vick ever play in the NFL again?

I am man who thinks if you mess up you should get a second chance, so if it were up to me I would let Michael Vick play in the NFL when his prison sentence ends in October 2009. However it's not up to me. It's up to Roger Goodell. If Vick actually is reinstated though, its going to be hard for him to find employment. Falcon's owner Arthur Blank is done with his childish antics, because he put up with them for years. So who would give Vick a second chance in the NFL? The answer right now is no one. My guess is that Michael Vick will never play football again, and his feel good story on his rise to NFL stardom will forever be overshadowed by some mistakes he made off the gridiron. We won't know though if this is the end of Michael Vick sentence in October 2009. Until then the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons move on without him. Mike you did some bad things that I don't agree with, but you apologized for your actions and your going to jail for almost two years. Take that time to think about yourself and don't make the same mistake twice.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tebow Should Win The Heisman

Forget that he is a sophomore. Forget that his team isn't playing for the National Championship. Just look at the stats. Based on the stats Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow deserves to win this years Heisman Trophy. Tebow, 6-3 235 pounds out of St. Augustine, Florida has played larger than life, in a season that saw him having not only expectations to meet, but shoes to fill as well. Chris Leak, a four year starter at Florida, shared time with Tebow last year during the Gators run to the National Championship. Leak and most of the Gator defensive starters from last year are gone, putting the spotlight right on Tebow.

The Definition Of A Heisman Winner.
People tend to forget what actually defines a Heisman winner. Its not who played on a winning football team, but for the most outstanding player in college football. If that player happens to be from a team playing in the National Championship then its alright to give the award to them. However, you should discredit someone who is very deserving of the award just because they are on a team who has lost a few times over the course of a season. You also should discriminate against a person's age either. In the 72 times the Heisman Trophy has been award not once has it gone to an underclassman, it has always gone to either a junior or senior. Tebow has a chance to make history.

Look at the Stats
The stats show the amazing athletic skills Tebow has shown this season. A season were Florida didn't have a true running back, Tebow took that load on his shoulders. What would happen was something never achieved by any quarterback in history. Tebow became the first ever Division 1 quarterback to pass and run for over 20 touchdowns in one single season. Whats even more impressive is that he broke the SEC single season rushing touchdown mark. Here's a look at Tebow's stats.

217 Completions 317 Attempts 3,123 Yards 29 Touchdowns 6 Interceptions

*Has four less Interceptions than Chase Daniel and eight less than Colt Brennan
*Also has a better passer rating the than both Daniel and Brennan

194 Attempts 838 Yards 22 Touchdowns

*Has seven more rushing touchdowns then Darren McFadden.

In a season that saw so much craziness week in and week out, why not give the Heisman Trophy to an underclassman for the first time in history. 51 total touchdowns in one season is a feat that may never be done again. Oh and did I mention he did it in the toughest conference in college football. He put up these numbers against teams like LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, do I really need to go on? Forget that he is a sophomore. Forget that he is not playing in the National Championship. Look at the stats and vote Tebow for Heisman. Because the award is suppose to go to the best player in college football, and well that no doubt is the quarterback from Florida.

Monday, December 3, 2007

College Football Needs A Playoff….Period!

In a season where there seems to be a Top 5 team losing every week, we finally know who is going to play for the National Championship. Ohio State and LSU will play for all the marbles on January 7th in New Orleans. But do they really deserve it though? Ohio State hasn’t played since November 17th , and is in the championship game because everyone in front of them lost. LSU is the first ever two loss team in the BCS championship game, while undefeated Hawaii and one loss Kansas get overlooked. The BCS over the past couple of years has been diminishing before our very eyes. Reports I have read said the computer put Virginia Tech as the number one team, and the committee had to put Ohio State and LSU in front of the Hokies.

An Undefeated team not in the championship? Really?
Hawaii is the only undefeated team in Division I football this season, and until two weeks ago was thought to be left out of the BCS bowl discussion. No one has even discussed the possibility of the Rainbow Warriors of playing for the title. Hawaii plays in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), the same conference as Boise State. The WAC conference is one of the weaker conferences in college football, but has seen great teams emerge from their conference. Take last year for example. Boise State went to the Fiesta Bowl, and shocked the college football world by beating Bob Stoops and Oklahoma. The Broncos were also undefeated and we left out of the championship game, while a one loss Florida team played in place of them. Boise State proved they could play with the big boys, and it looked as if the BCS Bowls were all but gone and would be replaced by a playoff. Instead, they kept the system and during a season where all the major title contenders have lost, Hawaii has not. Yet they are left out of the championship game because of their weak conference and non conference schedule. Now is that fair to punish a team just because of the conference they are in? Some people say that Hawaii had a soft non conference schedule and played nobody. It’s not Hawaii’s fault they can’t get the Ohio State’s and the Florida’s of the world to play them. They were suppose to play at the Big House this September against Michigan, but the Wolverines passed on them for Division I AA foe Appalachian State. Hawaii also has wanted to schedule USC, but the Trojan’s scheduled WAC foe Idaho instead of Hawaii. Hawaii played the teams who would play them. How can you punish them for that?

BCS Mess? That may be an understatement!
Kansas gets a BCS bid over Missouri after the Jayhawks lose to the Tigers just a week ago, not playing any team with an AP poll vote, and finishing two spots behind Missouri in the BCS polls. Are you kidding me? Tiger fans have every right to be upset right now. Also, Illinois making a Rose Bowl appearance after Ohio State gets pushed up to the National Championship game. If you ask me that bid should have been open for at large teams like Arizona State and Missouri to play in before the Illini. Plus, how can you have a two loss team in championship over an undefeated team and a one loss team? You know what needs to happen, there needs to be a playoff. A sixteen team tournament to see who really is the national champion. If I had my own playoff, this is how it would look.

1) Ohio State (11-1 (7-1 Big Ten Champ))

16) BYU (10-2 (8-0 MWC Champ))

8) Kansas (11-1 (7-1 Big 12 At Large))

9) West Virginia (10-2 (5-2 Big East Champ))

4) Virginia Tech (10-2 (6-1 ACC Champ))

13) Illinois (9-3 (6-2 Big 10 At Large))

5) Georgia (10-2 (6-2 SEC At Large))

12) Florida (9-3 (5-3 SEC At Large))

3) Oklahoma (11-2 (6-2 Big 12 Champs))

14) Boston College (10-3 (6-2 ACC At Large))

6) Missouri (11-2 (7-2 Big 12 At Large))

11) Arizona State (10-2 (7-2 Pac-10 At Large))

7) USC (10-2 (7-2 Pac-10 Champs))

10) Hawaii (12-0 (7-0 WAC Champs))

2) LSU (10-2 (6-2 SEC Champs))

15) Clemson (9-3 (5-3 ACC At Large))

There is only one rematch from the regular season in the first round, and I think it gives some intriguing matchups throughout the playoffs. That way the small teams like Hawaii and BYU get their chance to play the big boys for a change. It doesn’t even have to be this big of a bracket, but if we don’t have a playoff we will still have this problem year in and year out. We can start the tournament a week after the regular season is over that way teams can get rested up and are fresh for the tournament. You don’t need a month to get ready for a football game. Teams seem to get rusty after that long of a layover. Bottom line get rid of the bowls and lets get a playoff system.